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Side, 7 km away from Manavgat and meaning “pomegranate” in Anatolian language is a historical settlement. Side which according to historicians was founded in 1405 BC has been established on a peninsula. The city went under the rule of Lydians, Persians, Alexander, Antiogonos and Ptolemaios since from the second half of the VI. Century BC. The city which was build up under the supervision of the Syrian Kingdom after 215 BC and which was turned into a science and culture centrum was left over to the Pergamon Kingdom as per the Apameia Peace Treaty. Later the city maintained its independence together with the Eastern Pamphilya region and became a rich and wealth city with a big trade armada. Side which went under the Rule of Rome after 78 BC later went under the reign of Byzantum. Side which became the Centrum of patriarchate in the and VIth centuries AD experienced its most glorious days. The city which went under the rule of the Seljuks in the XIIIth century, the Hamitoğulları and Tekelioğulları in XIV th century and of the Ottomans in XVth century has not been inhabited as a settlement during this period. The main gate of the city which is a masterpiece is situated between two towers. There are two main streets in Side. These streets are examples of the Antique Age pillar streets. After passing through the gate of the city the area layed with flat stones is the starting point of these streets. At both sides of these streets there are pillared portiks and behind them there are shops. An old Roman bath has been restored by Arif Müfit Mansel and turned into museum and opened to visit in 1963. Mainly sculptures and various objects from the Roman Period are displayed. In this museum opuses found in Side are exhibited. The most important building of Side is the theater with a capacity of 15.000 seats. This Roman theater differs from other antique theaters in the region with its flat auditorum. The theater is two storey and is seated on a 20 meter high arched structure. Also in Side there are temples and aqueducts. The most important among these temples are Athena, Apollon and Men temples. Water has been brought to Side from a distance of 25 kms, from the Dumanlı spring inside the dam lake of Oymapınar. This system comprises ten aqueducts some of which are two storey. The biggest is near Oymapınar and has 40 ducts. A big Roman bath has been converted into museum and accomodates the most beautiful collection of archaeological opuses. Although many parts of the city walls having traces of Roman and Byzantine characteristics have been torn down those on the land side could survive. Side which is a nice coast town is one of the places worth to visit with its warm climate, sandy beaches , many shopping centers and modern facilities for accomodation.

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