2009 Serum Run Schedule:
Leaving Nenana on the 22nd February 2009, and arriving tentatively in
Nome on the 12th of March 2009

2009 Itinerary (PDF) 2009 Drop Bag Label (PDF)

The 2009 Serum Run Pulls Plug -
MARCH 2, 2009 NENANA, ALASKA - Due to bad trail conditions. The 2009 Serum Run has had to pull the plug on this years trip. The decision was made today for the machiners to head back to Nenana and the mushers be flown back to Anchoarge. As Norman Vaughan used to say "Dream Big, Dare to Fail". He told me once, "you don't always make it the first time, but you just keep trying" he said "It's all an adveture".

Serum Run Hits Deep Snow - The 2009 Serum Run expedition confronts deep snow. The leadersof the group decided to fly the teams & dog sleds from Tanana to Ruby, on planes chartered from Wright Flying Services in Fairbanks. Concerns over snow depth and trail conditions. (There was 3-12" of snow in the area, depending on location, with more expected.) So, the group should be in Ruby later today. They were going to need a few trips in the planes to move all the dogs & stuff. The snow machiners, meanwhile, are going overland along the planned route, and anticipate meeting up with the dog teams in Ruby. You can track their progress on SPOT trackers - click here

This years medical mission for the Serum Run is stroke prevention
" Alaska Natives continue to experience high stroke mortality despite a drop in stroke mortality in the general US population. The epidemiology of stroke has not been well studied in Alaska Natives. The aim of the Alaska Native Stroke Registry is to conduct statewide surveillance of stroke to study this disparity in stroke outcomes and to improve management and care of these stroke patients. " (Trimble, 2006) The Alaska Native Stroke Registry Team is honored to have been selected for the medical mission of this year's Serum Run. The message we want to get out to the villages along the way is that Prevention of Stroke through reduction of risk behaviors is critical. Additionally, Early Recognition of Stroke and FAST action when someone is showing signs of an impending stroke is critical to saving precious brain cells. We are launching the Act F.A.S.T. campaign as part of this outreach. Attached is the brochure that was modified last year to be culturally appropriate for our urban communities as well as our rural areas. Click here for brochure (PDF)

Norman Vaughan in Nenana in 2005
Using History to Preserve the Future
Serum Run '25 is a dog team journey with snow machine support across 768 miles of Alaska's frozen rivers, tundra and sea ice from Nenana to Nome. The mission of this annual trip is twofold. First, it is to commemorate the twenty men and their dog teams who relayed crucial diphtheria serum to Nome, saving countless lives. Second, and more importantly, it is to widen the awareness throughout Alaska of the need for inoculations for every single child and to stress important health issues such as immunizations, medical exams & cancer screening, tobacco cessation, accident prevention, HIV awareness and drug and alcohol abstinence.

Mushers and their snow machining partners along with over 150 sled dogs will retrace the route of the original Serum Run. Stopping at each village and school along the way, they will rekindle the spirit of the Serum Run by bringing a message to school children and their parents regarding the need for inoculations, awareness and making healthy lifestyle choices.

It is important to remember this story and keep it alive through our annual 1925 Serum Run to Nome. It is important to honor the men and dogs that virtually saved the life of Nome. It is even more important to honor our children by educating them about their health.
Learn about Immunization.

Who is Norman Vaughan?

"In Alaska Native culture, it is the good you do for others and in life that is important rather than the importance of things you have done. Allow people to show you their kindness and goodness, and in return show yours, and you will be remembered well and welcomed back anytime."

1925 Serum Run

Dear 2009 Serum Run Participants
Congratulations! Are you ready for the trip of a lifetime and to be inundated with emails? Well, I hope so because you are embarking on probably one of the largest trips you will ever do in your life. First, let me apologize for letting this selection process take longer than normal but it’s never easy to decide the list. As usual we are having issues with snowmachiner sign-ups, but the crazy thing is it isn’t the lack of applicants, but the lack of applicants with machines. Therefore, it took us sometime to get folks paired up with partners that have equipment. Snowmachiners are a huge part of making this trip a success and the more we have the better we are, so over time our snowmachine pool may change. Right now, our group consists of 11 mushers with 3 alternates and currently 19 snowmachiers. 2009 participants list click here

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Our 2009 Honorary Musher
Jerry Purser

Spirit of the Serum Run Award Community: Manley Hot Springs for all their years of hospitality and dedication to the Serum Run

Individual: Richard Burnham, Kaltag for all his years of selfless service to the Serum Run as their food drop coordinator, drop dog caretaker transporter, trail informer, the list can go on and on.