Full Metal Panic!

Release Info

2001 JP / 2003 US
Genre: Action
24 Episodes averaging 24 minutes
Available in: Japanese, English Subtitles, Subbed English
Released by: A.D. Vision


Storyline: A+
Animation: A
Music: A
Action: A

Review Notes:

Full Metal Panic is an anime that one does not have to sit there after every episode and think about what happened (It’s not a super deep anime like Noir). Or sit there and wonder if anything happened at all (Its not super light like and of the DB’s or most other Toonami related material). The story starts out in a deep forest at night where a young girl clearly disturbed by whatever experiments had been done on her. It eventually evolves from a simple drive in quiet woods to an all out AS battle (Arm Slave: Mecha) which at the end of a young solider who goes by the name of Sousuke Sagara injects her with sedative. Later in that episode we meet Kaname Chidori , a young high school girl who enjoys being proactive and is annoyed by the fowl-ups of a very serious but very confused Sousuke. Who has been sent by his employer Mythril to protect her along with his team mates: the goofy and perverted Kurz Weber, and their tough but amusing commander Melissa Mao. FMP is sure to keep your attention weather it’s a slap of a paper fan or the seriousness of an AS battle.

FMP yields high quality animation. The quality is the best I’ve seen since I started watching anime. The AS battles and action are seamless, very well drawn. And the few emotional moments are very soft tones and flow really well with the emotion that is being put across.

The music though it only usually appears for short funny scenes or long battle sequences is exceptional. The music really gets you going in points of battle and the softer music sets the tone for the more private moments.

Action: Unlike the bloodless gunshots of Noir. The blood makes a semi heavy appearance in this series. It’s not really gory but its not super light either. As far as the battle sequences go … The AS battles are often fought in long sequence and through a progression of weaponry. But s’all good it still keeps ones attention and the add ins of the “Whispered mode Kaname” … only in times of battle, tends to add a bit of solomness to the story. But not enough to weigh it down.

Final Resolve:
Full Metal Panic! Is a very good showing … It has its light minutes and dark ones. Its funny often and an entertaining series. If this interests you. You should go rent, buy or leech it … no? Razz

By Ultima

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