Manassah Cody Begay

September of 1986, when I was seven years old, marked a century of dishonor to the man named Goyathlay or Geronimo. Labeled by some, "the worst Indian who ever lived," he is not considered as such by everyone. I am one such person.

For a year, my mother and I prepared for a special event dedicated to Geronimo. We researched actual photos of Geronimo for the clothing. We worked for many hours carefully making my outfit and making a special dance step for one special event. This dance was to be performed in Sedona, Arizona, in honor of Geronimo.

On the day of that special occasion commemorating the centennial of Geronimo's surrender, it was raining and the people were afraid that the dance could not be performed. As the hour of the event came, however, the clouds parted, the rain stopped, and I performed the Apache War Dance.

-Manassah Cody Begay