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Famous Bigfoot Videos

Famous Bigfoot videos have been studied, disputed and marvelled at for decades, ever since
the Patterson-Gimlin film started the famous Bigfoot video craze.  The following is an attempt to
review the famous videos that have been claimed as evidence of Bigfoot:
Famous Bigfoot Videos
above:  Still-shot of the famous
Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot video,
filmed in 1967.
The Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot Video - the most famous of all Bigfoot videos.  It was filmed in
1967 at Bluff Creek, California by Roger Patterson and Robert Gimlin.  This is the Holy Grail of
Bigfoot videos, as many Bigfoot searchers hold it in high regards as the best video evidence of
them all.  This famous Bigfoot video has been studied more than any other of our famous videos.
The Paul Freeman Bigfoot Video - Paul worked for a local watershed district and was ridiculed
after reporting Bigfoot sightings
.  A man of small means, he was able to carry a video recorder and
capture this trophy of famous Bigfoot videos in 1994.  This famous Bigfoot video has been studied
and ridiculed, but remains today as potentially, pretty good proof of Bigfoot existence.
Manitoba Bigfoot Video - Bobby Clarke filmed this famous Bigfoot video in 2005 in Manitoba,
Canada.  Not a very clear video, it is one of the more famous of Bigfoot videos, as it was marketed
right away and sold for television air-play.  
The Memorial Day Bigfoot Video - Mid-America Bigfoot Research Center presents a 1996 video
of what looks like a Bigfoot running across a huge field.  Lori and Owen Pate filmed this star of
famous Bigfoot videos at Chopaka Lake, Washington.  Resembling a man running, this video has
stirred some controversy, but has not been effectively dis-proven, yet.
Famous Bigfoot Videos: Redwood Bigfoot
above:  Still-shot of the famous
edwoos Bigfoot video, filmed in
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The Redwoods Bigfoot Video - The above version is enhanced.  Filmed in 1995, it shows a Bigfoot crossing a road in
Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park.  The film crew claim to have been filming a bear, but were astonished to find
themselves filming a famous Bigfoot video!
Harley Hoffman Bigfoot Video - Probably a great fake of Bigfoot videos, as the Searching for Santa website would cause
one to think.  Still this is one of the greats of the famous Bigfoot videos, as it is getting a ton of attention!