Author Dave Van Knapp
How to Pick, Value, and Manage Stocks
Look Inside the Book and Judge for Yourself

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From Chapter A-3: The Three Steps to Sensible Stock Investing
    This chapter gives a broad overview, sort of "Sensible Stock Investing" in a
    nutshell. The excerpt is a portion of the chapter.

From Chapter C-1: A Sensible Approach to Picking Companies
    This Chapter introduces the first concrete step of Sensible Stock Investing, which
    is the identification of companies as candidates for investment, using a simplified
    point-based scoring system, called Easy-Rate™.

From Chapter C-9: Dividends As a Company Evaluation Factor
    Users of this Web site have expressed a strong interest in dividends. This
    excerpt gives a view of the importance that a Sensible Stock Investor places on a
    company's dividend record in evaluating the company.

From Chapter D-1: What is Valuation and Why Do You Need It?
    This excerpt explains why it is important to know how to value stocks.

From Chapter D-4: Dividends As a Valuation Tool
    This excerpt shows the importance of dividends in valuing a stock.
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