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The Games
Tomb Raider was released for the PlayStation, Saturn, and PC in November of 1996. It was compared, very early, to Capcom's Resident Evil in design and implementation but was noted more for its freedom of movement and on-the-fly rendering of 3D environments--in lieu of prerendered 2D. The game effectively used a third-person viewpoint, abandoning the popular first-person perspective of games like Doom. Originally, Tomb Raider was postured as being a title that was "like Doom, but...." Fortunately, Doom is the farthest thing from anyone's mind when playing any of the Tomb Raider games.

The PlayStation version
Subsequent renditions of the game have seen enhancements in almost every category. Proprietary development tools created by developers at Core have helped the company keep the period between releases short. Each year, or close to it, Core has been able to release a new installment of the title. Moreover, with each new installment, the Tomb Raider allure has been significantly enhanced and the title's longevity solidified.

The PlayStation version
Toby Guard - Creator/Producer
Developer: Core Design
Publisher: Eidos
System: PlayStation, Saturn, PC
Release Date: November 1996

The Story
The Saturn version
Tomb Raider starts out with the game's central character, Lara Croft, meeting up with Natla Technologies' Jacqueline Natla in a Tibetan pub, shortly after having enjoyed a hunting trip in the Himalayan Mountains. Lara's archaeological prowess and affinity for antiques have apparently proven to be a valuable asset to Natla Technologies. Natla has decided there is no one better than Lara Croft to locate and obtain the Atlantian Scion, which has been segmented into three pieces, all of which need to be recovered. Traversing Peru, Egypt, the Roman Empire, and the lost city of Atlantis, Lara is hell-bent on performing up to her own very strict standards.

The Saturn version
The lure of money and a chance to get deeply involved in what she loves, archeology, cause Lara to accept the offer. Lara is determined to stop at nothing to obtain the Atlantian Scion. You see, she is the modern-day incarnation of Indiana Jones, and her story plays out like an episode in his life. Soon, Lara discovers the first of the three pieces in the Tomb of Qulepec, located in Peru. Then Natla double-crosses our hero and sics a team of bad guys on her. Making use of a very hefty weapons arsenal, Lara disposes of the pests, with some adept navigation and thinking on your part. In the end, Lara contends with a mutant version of Natla in a deadly battle with only one acceptable conclusion. Though this would signal "exit stage left" for most adventurers, it spells only the beginning of the adventure for Lara.

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