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Jonathan Rendall studied at Oxford, where he represented the university, unsuccessfully, at boxing. In addition to writing for The Times, Guardian and Independent, Jonathan has written for Ring and Esquire. He won the prestigious Somerset Maugham Award for "This Bloody Mary Is The Last Thing I Own."

Features by Jonathan Rendall

Kid Chocolate [May 2, 2005]
Kid Chocolate Went The Distance
I was alerted to the possibility that Kid Chocolate might still be alive by Nigel Collins, then editor of The Ring magazine.
Jack Kid Berg [Feb 16, 2005]
Jack "Kid" Berg: This Is The Guy
Listening to Hopkins attempting to outdo Eastman with apocalyptic descriptions of his early life in the ghetto, I was reminded of Jack "Kid" Berg.
[Dec 29, 2004]
Raise a Glass for Boxer Valentine Golding
Valentine Golding was never going to be world middleweight champion.
[Nov 17, 2004]
Boxing's Gifted One
I'd known about Kirkland Laing, of course. About a year earlier he'd beaten the great Roberto Duran, one of the best fighters of all time, in a...
[Oct 31, 2004]
Ernest Hemingway: Literary Giant and Boxing Pretender
One of the most notorious boxing matches of all time involved a portly, rabid self-mythologizer who had no real boxing ability, and a tubby, minor...
Rendall Boxing Manager [Oct 12, 2004]
The Boxing Manager
Today, exclusive to, Jonathan Rendall's 'The Boxing Manager.' From his forthcoming collection, this story evokes a gritty...
[Oct 10, 2004]
Boxing Yearns to Return to the Past
The Hopkins-De La Hoya fight was further proof that following boxing these days is really a yearning to return to the past.
[Sep 15, 2004]
The City of Boxing is for Addicts
The city of boxing is for addicts. Not for nothing do boxing people say their compulsion is 'in the blood.' It is. From the first moment they see...

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