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The life of Bill Ward, good girl artist. By Eric Kroll

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Dian Hanson, Ward's editor at Juggs and Leg Show during the later period of his life, said it best: "With the Contes, Bill Ward was able to render nylon and leather in a distinctive way that made his illustrations and cartoons memorable and set him apart from the other cartoonists of the era - it really gave him his fetish edge. Fetish has to do not with the flesh but with the costuming of the flesh and the Conte gave Ward that control. It gave him the ability to make the textures that were stimulating to men, to put them into the picture... The Contes were always memorable. When you saw a Conte in a magazine you may not have known what was alluring, but if you looked it was the leather and the nylon and the satin... No one else was doing fabrics. It was fetishistic. People may not have been aware that they were responding to fetishistic cues, but that's what it was."

Bill had a long and extensive career. He would draw anything. Besides working for Humorama, Bill drew for Bob Sproul's Cracked magazine, Eros Goldstripe's adult book covers, and Mavety's Leg Show magazine when the divine Miss Dian Hanson was editor. Ward started a greeting card company, had his own mail order business like artist Eric Stanton and drew and drew and drew. He also wrote. He wrote many of the gag lines for Abe Goodman and in his later years wrote and illustrated, once a month, an article for the big-titted Mavety magazine Juggs. Towards the end of his career he drew transvestites in action and even some bdsm fetish art.

I traversed the US to make this book, photographing Ward art in basements from as far away as Detroit, Michigan, to as close as across town, in my home town, San Francisco. His work is coveted like a rare coin and difficult to find... until now. Now, upon your lap can lie a drawn woman with legs covered in nylon, heels higher than a spike, breasts the size of watermelons, gloves to the armpits and earrings dangling like mini-chandeliers. Bill Ward is a man who loved women.

It's hard... but... a Bill Ward is a Bill Ward is a Bill Ward.

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The Wonderful World of Bill Ward, King of the Glamour Girls

The Wonderful World of Bill Ward, King of the Glamour Girls

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Ward's world: a titillating voyage into the paradise of pin-up

"Doris, now you're the only thing I have left in the world... DORIS!" Fun House (1970). Collection of the Ward family