"Learn Chess Or Call Me An Idiot!!"

Submitted by Chessnia on Thu, 05/24/2007 at 9:28pm.
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A FREE electronic chess book for beginners. Written by an International Master, the book contains lots of animated graphics and easy to follow explanations. The book is fun to read, but what makes this an out of the ordinary book (apart from being FREE!) is that you also get free on-line support for it!

Ok, but what type of on-line support? Surprised

- State of the art Free on-line quizzes to  check whether you've assimilated the lessons.

- Replies to all chess related questions which you might have after reading the book, such as the explanation of a term or idea, additional material on a particular subject,  etc.

Why pay Money mouthMoney mouthMoney mouth to learn the basics of chess when you can get it for free? Try it! 


by mehrdadsalimi - 20 months ago
tehran Iran
Member Since: Jun 2007
Member Points: 25
that was amazing. especially the part on tactic and strategy. the writer is wonderful. i have a question though. How do you credit the IQ in true life compared to success in chess. at least among those who love chess.
by stephen77777 - 20 months ago
United States
Member Since: Jun 2007
Member Points: 27
love it!
by IM Chessnia - 20 months ago
Sydney, New South Wales Australia
Member Since: May 2007
Member Points: 24


Well, the relation between chess and IQ has always been a controversial one.

I don't claim chess makes people smarter, but it is true that it helps a lot when it comes to promoting and strengthening essential virtues  in the development of your mind, such as concentration, attention, logic, planning, etc.

by Royd - 18 months ago
Philippines Philippines
Member Since: Aug 2007
Member Points: 107
chess will certainly boost your creative thinking
by Rain3an - 18 months ago
Member Since: Aug 2007
Member Points: 1

great for help friends new to chess and as a useful and handy reference.

nice work.


by JackC - 18 months ago
Washington, DC United States
Member Since: Aug 2007
Member Points: 212
This is a great book. I see using much of the content in the book to teach my 5 year old. Thank you.
by murbi95 - 17 months ago
indonesia Indonesia
Member Since: Sep 2007
Member Points: 1
Buku iki jos gandos pokoke .. sorry ngomongnya pake boso jowo
by somaro - 17 months ago
Member Since: Sep 2007
Member Points: 2
Wonderful book, it is helping me to improve my chess skills. Thank you for the freebie!
by GrannyRidinghood - 17 months ago
Phoenix, AZ United States
Member Since: Sep 2007
Member Points: 1


Great book!  I will certainly use for learning more about Chess and as a reference guide.  Thanks.

by BritKnight - 14 months ago
Scunthorpe United Kingdom
Member Since: Dec 2007
Member Points: 35
Already have this E-Book from another site. Brilliant! I am a beginner so I am still being thrashed, but already my game is improving.
by blip - 14 months ago
cairo Egypt
Member Since: Dec 2007
Member Points: 24


its so good to improve skills,not just for beginners bt basics are always the most important
by gutek44 - 12 months ago
Tarnów Poland
Member Since: Feb 2008
Member Points: 1
pozdro 600:)
by weir96 - 9 months ago
Sydney Australia
Member Since: May 2008
Member Points: 149


terrific its such a detailed yet easy to understand ebook thanx!!!Tongue out
by Saber1 - 57 days ago
United States
Member Since: Apr 2008
Member Points: 4

Looks good!

by sathish434 - 12 days ago
tamilnadu India
Member Since: Jan 2009
Member Points: 9


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