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The Geographic map section contains various types of maps that have been collected from City maps to maps covering the whole country of Iraq. Some of these sets of map have been produced in USA or Russia; the Iraq HIC office has produced others. All these maps mainly provide information about administrative boundaries, populated places, road and rail network, and hydrography. To allow the visitor of the Map Centre to find quicker what you are looking for we have created a couple of subsections under Geographic Maps:

Scale 1:50.000 and better
City plans

Scale 1:50.000 1:200.000
District maps of the three northern Governorates Dahuk, Erbil and Sulaymaniyah

Scale 1:250.000

  • Landsat-Reference-Maps: Landsat Satellite Imagery with detailed road network and populated places.

  • US Joint Operations Graphic (JOG), unfortunately incomplete

Scale 1:500.000

  • US Tactical Pilot Chart (TPCs)

Scale 1:1.000.000 and smaller

Note!  Questions / suggestions concerning the content of this section can be directed to the UNAMI Office in Amman through the feedback form

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