The Theatre at Miletus, Turkey


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22 kilometers from Priene, on the Aegean coast of present-day Turkey

Theatre Type:


Date of Construction:

ca. 300 BC (Hellenistic)



Renovation Dates:

300-250 BC (Hellenistic), 100s BC (Hellenistic), Roman era

Archive Locations:

Milet Museum; Berlin Museum; German Archaeological Institute


German excavations under Th. Wiegand 1899-WWI, German excavations continue 1938-present under G. Kliener, Wolfgang Muller-Wiener, and currently under Volkmar von Graeve


Theatron: 140w X 85 meters - 460w X 279 feet
Orchestra: 20w X 14 meters - 65w X 46 feet
Stage: 40w X 12 meters - 131w X 39 feet
(approximate measurements based on architectural drawing)

Seating Capacity:

5300 in Hellenistic era, 15,000 in Roman era

Architectural Drawings:

Plan View of Theatre at Miletus

The ancient port city of Miletus is located at the mouth of the Meander River on the Aegean coast of present-day Turkey. Due to the silting up of the ancient harbours, Miletus now lies 9 kilometers from the sea. Miletus' theatre was built on a hill by sea, overlooking what is known as the Theater Harbor. The theatre had four construction phases in the Hellenistic period and was also renovated under the Romans. More....

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