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Film-makers invest millions in Notts

Thursday, March 12, 2009, 07:30

FILM-MAKERS brought more than £27m of investment to Notts last year.

The figure has rocketed from £14.8m in the previous year.

Money has come from a host of big-name films like the upcoming Bronson and an adaptation of Noel Coward's Easy Virtue, which saw stars Colin Firth and Jessica Biel coming to the county.

The figure is based on money spent on hiring locations, crew and cast members, catering and accommodation during 2007/8.

More than 200 local staff and crew have been used, as well as local post-production studios.

Debbie Williams, chief executive of regional screen agency EM Media, said: "People have got used to the idea that you can invest in high-quality film and media products in the Nottingham area."

Al Clark, producer at Nottingham-based Wellington Films, said: "There are talented crews in the Nottingham area and a wide variety of landscapes in the East Midlands.

"There's a lot of homegrown talent coming through now as well."

The investment has created hundreds of jobs and boosted trade for hotels and caterers.

It also looks set to boost the region's tourism economy as fans visit the settings of their favourite films.

The biggest spenders were the makers of upcoming Brit-flick Bronson, which details the life of notorious prisoner Charles Bronson.

The film, which is released tomorrow, brought an investment of £3.8m.

It was shot on location in St Ann's, Sherwood, Worksop and Welbeck Park.

Jessica Biel in Easy Virtue

Jessica Biel in Easy Virtue



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