Our local 99 cent store has become more like a $1.49 store; more and more items in there are at the higher price. Still, there’s no question there are at least some bargains to be had even at the higher price.

This week’s trip brought forward the following:

$.99 gets you:

bicycle tube patch kit (when you’ve had as many flats as I have recently, this is a necessity!)
cellular phone carrying case
jeweler’s screwdriver set
Two AA batteries from Panasonic
children’s sunscreen SPF 30 (used by this adult!)

$1.49 gets you:

compact fluorescent light bulbs
plastic document protector
pine powered degreaser in spray bottle (I also reuse the spray bottle)
umbrella (I use one of these myself and it’s lasted me three months so far)

There are many other items that can be had at the store at bargain prices; not every one of them works great, and some may be a total waste of money. But that said, I think the local dollar store (or even those a penny less) is worth investigating to see if you can find some items for less that can do the job as well as a more expensive alternative.

What are your best finds at a 99 cent store?

3 Responses to “Hunting for Discounts: A Trip to the 99 Cent Store”

  1. Aon 03 Apr 2008 at 3:21 pm

    I LOVE the 99cents store.

    It’s great for cleaning supplies, wrapping paper and bags and cards around Christmas time, baggies to pick up my pug’s poo or bring my lunch to work in, lip gloss, candles, tupperware, etc. etc. etc.

    I was excited to find your blog as well because I see we are in the same profession ;).

  2. adminon 03 Apr 2008 at 10:39 pm


    I forgot about greeting cards! Anytime I need a birthday/sympathy/wedding card, that’s immediately where I head. Gift bags too, but that’s way less often.

    I’m always glad to meet another social worker, particularly one who blogs as well. I’ve always thought about the possibility of starting a social work blog, but I think I’d either (1) blow people’s confidentiality or (2) get so many slings and arrows hurled at me that I’d give up :)

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