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Here are answers to's most frequently asked questions along with useful support information. If you don't find your answer here, we have included instructions below for reporting technical issues.  Please follow the instructions to enable the Technical Support team to respond more accurately and promptly to your issue. FAQ

  Technical Support & Troubleshooting


Related Stories: This feature on will compare the text of the story you are reading with the text of all other stories on the site.  Based on this comparison, our system determines and displays the five most related stories on the site.  This is completely automated and does not modify the results; the computer does all the work.  This service was created to help surface more stories you might be looking for.   

NewsMenu Fly-out: The “fly-out” headline menu lists headlines for top stories throughout If you choose to disable the feature, please click on the “disable-fly-out-menus” button at the bottom of the NewsMenu.

Searching for stories by subject: You can use one or more search words to find stories. At the top center of our pages, enter the word(s) in the blank field and click "search site".

Ads on provides news free of charge by relying on advertising revenue. This is standard practice for most media such as television, newspapers and magazines. We welcome you to e-mail us comments about our ads.

Contacting us with your views, suggestions and comments: Please go to our Contact Us page.

Purchasing NBC News transcript or video: Please go to Reprints and Copyright Information.

Privacy: There is a link to our Privacy statement at the bottom of every MSNBC page.

Technical support and troubleshooting

Broken link on the site: Please let us know if you see broken links to our content. In addition to telling us the URL of the broken link, it's helpful to also know the URL of the page you were on when tried to reach the broken link. Please submit this information along with any other information about the link by using our Technical Support form.

Personalized settings don't stay: If you do not accept cookies, you will not be able to personalize You will lose your personalized settings if you delete your cookies. If you have deleted your cookies, re-enter your zip code and stock information to return personalization to the home page.

Local headlines are stale or from the wrong city: You may have set your personalized news experience before we upgraded to better offerings. To get fresh headlines, visit our local news page and select your location.

Old content on Web site: You may have old content cached (saved) in your browser’s temporary file folder. To clear your Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) browser’s cache:
1. Close all browser windows then open Internet Explorer (IE).
2. Click on “Tools” in the browser’s menu bar.
3. Select “Internet Options …” from the drop-down menu which opens the Internet Options window.
4. Select “Delete Files …” from the “Temporary Internet files” section on the General tab.
5. In the Delete Files window, click on the “Delete all offline content” check box and then click “Ok”.
6. Close browser window and then reopen your browser

Too many e-mails? If you have suddenly started receiving dozens of e-mails from a day, you may have inadvertently used your e-mail software to subscribe to one of our RSS feeds. Your e-mail program should offer you help in changing your settings or unsubscribing. Information on how to do this with Outlook 2007 is available here.

Enabling Javascript: Javascript, a feature of all modern browsers, allows for enhanced features and customization on, but may be turned off on your machine. If the site is behaving oddly, check to make sure that javascript is enabled.

Internet Explorer 6
1. Select the Tools menu, choose Internet Options from the dropdown menu
2. Click Security
3. Click the Custom Level button
4. Scroll down, click the Enable button under Active Scripting
5. Click Ok
6. You may need to restart Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer 7
1. Select the Tools menu, choose Internet Options
2. Click Security
3. Click the Custom Level button
4. Scroll down, click the Enable button under Active Scripting and Scripting of Java Applets
5. Click OK; if a box appears asking to confirm, click Yes
6. Click OK
7. You may need to restart Internet Explorer

Firefox 2
1. Click the Tools menu, choose Options... from the dropdown (Mac users, click the Firefox menu, then choose Preferences)
2. Click the Content button
3. Check the box next to Enable JavaScript
4. Click OK
5. Reload the page

Safari 2 and 3
1. Click the Safari menu, choose Preferences from the dropdown
2. Click the Security button
3. Check the box next to Enable JavaScript
4. Close the Preferences window
5. Reload the page

Disabling/Enabling IntelliTXT: IntelliTXT is displayed only when a user mouse's over a double-underlined word of interest on our stories. To read more on how this feature works, or to disable this feature, click IntelliTXT Help.

Disabling Viewpoint Media Player: Viewpoint Media Player is an advertising media player that is often bundled with downloads of popular software such as messaging or other services. does NOT download Viewpoint onto your computer, but if you already have it installed (perhaps unknowingly), some of our advertisers may try to use the player to show you additional content, prompting a warning by your browser. If you wish to stop seeing such messages and remove the player, go to "Add/Remove Programs" on your computer, and click on "Viewpoint Media Player" to uninstall it.

Other: For all other technical problems concerning, please submit a Technical Support report. Be sure to include all relevant information including steps to reproduce the problem. Let us know if you have recently installed or upgraded any software or internet utilities (personal firewalls, ad blocking software, virus protection, etc.) 

Any non-technical questions or comments sent to Technical Support cannot be forwarded. To submit comments to, MSNBC TV or NBC News shows, please go to Contact Us for information and email addresses.

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