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Association Euratom DCU – Fusion Energy Research in Ireland

Prof. Miles Turner, Head of Research Unit, Association Euratom DCU/NCPST

Association Euratom DCU, established in 1996, with partners in University College Cork have successfully concluded contract negotiations with the European Commission to extend Ireland participation in this Fusion Energy Research Programme at least to the end of 2013.  This extension will be worth between €4M and €5M to the Irish researchers, lead by Prof. Miles Turner, over the period 2008 – 2013.  The Irish Association contributes to the European Research effort which is focusing on the construction of the ITER Fusion Machine in Cadarache, France. 

Dr. Deirdre Boilson, a research officer with the Association Euratom DCU which is hosted by the National Centre for Plasma Science and Technology recently appeared on the new RTE show ‘Science Friction’ with Liz Bonnin (Tuesday, 12/2/2008) explaining the major differences between Fission and Fusion power.  Dr. Boilson who works on the development of the heating system for the ITER project spends a significant amount of her time working closely with colleagues both in CEA Cadarache, France and IPP Garching, Germany.

For further information on fusion energy research please continur browsing the NCPST site you are currently on or go to or contact Prof. Miles Turner, Head of Research Unit, Association Euratom DCU, email

Dr. Karkari being congratulated by Prof. Miles Turner, Director of the NCPSTDr Deirdre Boilson, Association Euratom DCU (centre) with colleagues from CEA Cadarache.