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May 15, 2007 (Last Update)  

Welcome to The Dig Museum
. This are the updates:

- 15.05.07: Exclusive interview with Ryan Kaufman. Funny indeed!
- 30.03.07: After almost a year of reclusiveness Yoda answers MORE.
- 20.12.06: Holiday Celebration at the CHAT ROOM. Join us on 22/12
- 12.12.06: Happy First Anniversary to us! Click here!
- 15.08.06: Exclusive interview with Bill Eaken + new Yoda answers.
- 22.06.06: Sam's Journal new post and The Dig Tour UPDATE
- 28.05.06: An upcoming 3D journey to Cocytus called The Dig TOUR.
- A new look and new juicy products at Toshi's Shop


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