INFF-Sustainable forestry in action

The INFF was established in 2002 “To research, demonstrate, promote, and campaign  for economically, socially and environmentally sustainable forestry in Ireland".

The organisation has established on the 130ha Manch Estate in West Cork, a centre of excellence to demonstrate and promote sustainable forestry. The primary objective is to illustrate how current afforestation grants can be utilised to establish mixed species woodlands that can be managed in a continuous and sustainable fashion for optimum commercial gain. To date 25ha of existing woodland have been restructured and 50ha planted.

The Sustainable Forestry Education Centre at Manch offers a wide range of curriculum based activities for primary schools, a unique range of science and geography courses for secondary schools, third level research projects and woodland management courses for farmers and landowners. All school courses can be delivered in English or Irish.

Our demonstration site at Manch, near Ballineen in West Cork is open to the public on the first Sunday of each month from March to September.  For further information on Open Days and other events, click on the 'INFF events' tab. (Sorry - No dogs allowed on site at any time).

The success of the project is due to a unique public/private/ NGO partnership which includes INFF, the estate owner Matt Conner, the Forest Service and Green Belt.

INFF is a non-profit charity limited by guarantee with seven directors. It is supported by a number of Cork residents including Jeremy Irons, Lord and Lady Puttnam, and Darina Allen.

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