Welcome to Declaring Independence Radio with Ed Brayton

Declaring Independence is a weekly political talk show on Public Reality Radio, WPRR 1680-AM in Grand Rapids, MI.

Ed Brayton is a Fellow with the Center for Independent Media, a non-profit, non-partisan organization that weds blog technology with traditional journalism in order to expand the voices heard in the media and bring public attention to issues that the traditional media either does not cover or does so inadequately. Ed is also the voice behind the popular blog Dispatches from the Culture Wars on the ScienceBlogs network and the co-founder and current president of Michigan Citizens for Science. He is a popular public speaker as well, appearing at conferences and engagements around the country to talk about his favorite issues: science, religion, law and culture.

Declaring Independence airs on Thursday nights from 6-7 pm EST. You can listen to the online stream live at that time or you can pick up the podcast on Feedburner or ITunes.