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Trumba's Electronic Page

Author: The electronics isn't my top field of interest so don't expect too much from this page.. However, designing electronic circuits based on digital devices is my specialty.

  • Documents - mostly written by me
  • Links - interesting stuff from all around world



How to do

Tomi Engdahl page: very useful page at which you can find docs on various things such as:
electronic circuits (audio,video,computer,data communication circuits,..),
description of opamps (LMxxx), 555 timer chip,MAX232 chip for RSs232 communication, there is also description of PC-hardware: ISA,PCI bus, Plug'n Play technology...
Electrical Engineering Circuits Archive is very rich site with many electronic schemes
Circuit Cookbook WWW page: It contains a great variety of files of interest to Electrical Engineering students and electronics enthusiasts (various el. schemes).

Electronic manufactures and sellers

Byte Runner-16550 16650 UART serial comm cards: info on UART chips
SGS-THOMSON Microelectronics Home Page
Texas Instruments

Software for designing electronic circuits

Interactive Image Technologies: Electronic WorkBench