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MoinMoin wikis around the globe. Wiki owners are invited to update this list.

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A selection of MoinMoin-sites with notable custom layout

In English language



1. In Korean language - ''한국어''

2. In Japanese language - ''日本語''

3. In Traditional Chinese language - ''中文 (繁體)''

  • frankie-logo OpenWorkshop - discuss OpenSource Topic about ( Apache, Postfix, DNS ... )

  • Thinker's Wiki - A personal wiki site that discuss about projects & idea of Thinker.

  • NetLab Technical - is information wiki of

  • MoinMoin at - A personal wiki site about Chinese MoinMoin translation and my EuroReisen.

  • Twblog Wiki- A collective docs of Twblog

  • Antique - A wiki site run by some guys, about their hobbies and thoughts. We also do some translation work.

4. In Simplified Chinese language - ''中文 (简体)''

5. In Hebrew language - בעברית

  • MacMac - community site for Macintosh users (Jan, 2003)

  • Ubuntu Israel - Ubuntu linux Israeli site (March 2005)

  • WEP Wiki - community project wiki sponsored by Cisco. Use heavily customized moin based on 1.3.5 (July 2007)

6. In Indonesian language - Bahasa Indonesia

  • Cempedak - Wiki discussion, introduction, spirit, for community in Indonesia.

  • Padanan Istilah - List of translation of (mostly) knowledges' terms.

  • Weling - Wiki for Python in Bahasa Indonesia.

  • Wiki #direktif - SOHO, #direktif's Wiki

  • Wiki Groningen - Groningen's city informations for tourists and Indonesian community in Groningen.

7. In Persian/Farsi language - هزاردستان


  • European Wiki - Allows people to create their own european wikis (see for worldwide wiki)

  • - Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure (and against software patents :) )

1. In Croatian language - ''na hrvatskom''

2. In Danish language - ''på dansk''

  • LinuxWiki - a wiki dedicated to Linux

  • - about Martinus Cosmology

  • Jones - Project wiki for JonasSmedegaard

  • MSG - The eco-village "Munksøgård" at Roskilde, Denmark

  • Selvforsyning - The eco-village "Den Selvforsynende Landsby" on Funen, Denmark

  • Homebase - Shared digital home of "Kaospiloterne" (the Kaospilot University), "Frontløberne", "Café Kølbert" and others

  • Perma - Permaculture, an ecological concept

  • MuKoWiki - wiki about the concert venue Musikhuset Elværket in Helsingør (Elsinore), Denmark

  • Søllerød Park - wiki for Søllerød Park (Holte), Denmark

3. In Finnish language - ''suomeksi''

  • Rakovalkea - Wiki for hikers and other people enjoying the wilderness

  • Nääs-Partio - A student scout group from Tampere

4. In French language - ''en français''

5. In German language - ''auf deutsch''

6. In Greek language - ''sta ellhnika''

  • AWMN - Athens Wireless Metropolitan Network

7. In Hungarian language - ''magyar nyelven''

8. In Italian language - ''in italiano''

9. In Norwegian language - ''på norsk''

  • (none)

10. In Polish language - ''po polsku''

11. In Russian language - ''по-русски''

12. In Slovenian language - ''v slovenščini''

13. In Spanish language - ''en español''

  • Wainuki - the first Wiki-University of the world. The students of the UNED University can interchange their notes and works, as well as improve them.

  • Champinet Wiki - A personal wiki site dedicated to Linux&Wireless

  • - The Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona is using Wikis for lecturing since February 2004. We have an special group on teaching innovation doing research on wiki-aided learning. At the moment (november 2004) we are running 9 courses with MoinMoin.

  • ACS Wiki - A personal wiki site dedicated to organize my activities.

  • SimpleMente Wiki - Exchange and discussion of experiences, reflection, ideas and sources of inspiration related with the creacion and evolution of systems and artifacts for human use and enjoyment at the individual, grupal and organizational levels. Un espacio para el intercambio y discusión de experiencias, reflexiones, ideas, conceptos y fuentes de inspiración relacionadas con la creación y mejora de sistemas y artefactos para uso y disfrute humano en los niveles individual, grupal y organizacional.

14. In Swedish language - ''på svenska''


1. Argentina

  • Kaya - Programming and linux.

2. Brasil

3. Canada

4. Chile

  • Tecnocimiento Free (as in freedom) Technology based projects and business.

5. Colombia

  • FECTP Organization that offers education services.

  • Slec Education and Free Software in Colombia

  • El-Directorio Comunidad de Software Libre de Colombia

  • ieRed Red de Investigación Educativa

6. United States

7. Venezuela

Thematic Wikis (all languages)

1. Wireless networking (free networking inspires free editing)

2. relating to Python

3. Wiki relating to Wiki

4. Distributed version control

Global events

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In English language





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Thematic Wikis (all languages)

Wiki relating to Wiki

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