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Essential C#: getting started with C# and the .NET Framework
(FW136) 5 Day Course
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  • Examine core language features such as types, variables, and control constructs
  • Use object-oriented features such as class, interface, protection, and inheritance
  • Perform error notification and error handling using exceptions
  • Use properties to implement the private data/public accessor pattern
  • Use namespaces to group related types
  • Use delegates and events to implement callbacks
  • Override Object class methods such as ToString
  • Avoid dll conflicts during deployment
  • Use dynamic binding and polymorphism to write generic code (i.e., less code!)
  • Distinguish between "implementation inheritance" and "interface inheritance"
  • Use ADO.NET to connect to SQL Server and run a simple query
  • Build a basic Windows Forms GUI
When our Developers complete a DevelopMentor course, I know that they have been taught to the highest standard. They acquire the knowledge and skills they need, and put them to use right away.
--Caroline Haughey, HBOS E-Commerce Development Centre