Situated on the bank of river Beas, Mandi district has an area 3950 sq. kms. For the greater part of its boundary, it marches Kangra district on the north and Hamirpur district in the west. On the sound, it is bounded by Bilaspur district. Following are the important places of interest in the district.

Mandi town:
known as cathedral of temples, Mandi is one of the oldest town of the Pradesh having about 80 temples of different deities in its periphery. The Victoria Bridge presents picturesque view of old Mandi town. perhaps the most favourable view of the town. Raj Madhav,Bhootnath, Tarna Devi, Maha Mrityunjaya, Panchvaktra, Bhimakali, Shyamakali, Ardhnarishawar, Trilokinath etc. are the famous temples of the town. Sikh pilgrims visit the historic Gurudwara Guru Gobind Sahib, which is also situated on the bank of Beas.

About 25 Kms from Mandi, on Mandi-Hamirpur road, Rewalsar is famous for Buddhist monastery, Gurudwara and temple, as well as picturesque landscape also. Famous Buddhist Monk Padma Sambhava, visited this place during his ‘yatra’ to Laddakh and Himalayan areas. Rewalsar lake lies about 12 miles south-west of Mandi, which is 4,000 feet about main sea level. It is situated in a cup
of the hills of considerable natural beauty. The water of the islands ascribed to the sanctity of Padma Sambhava who completed his ‘Tappasaya’ in Rewalsar during this period.

Kamlah Fort:
The fort of Kamlah is one of the most interesting place in the district. The fort was founded by Raja Suraj Sen about 1625 A.D. The fort was of great strength, its natural advantages being turned to the best account in the arrangements of the fortifications. The first part of the approach was along a steep narrow pathway rising in steps and commanded for its whole length by loop-holed bastions. Rather more than half-way up was the gateway, capable of holding a strong guard and offering an excellent point of resistance too an enemy that succeeded in reaching so far.

Parasar lake:
Parasar is about 20 Kms north-east of Mandi. It is a large lake with a pagoda-shaped wooden temple on its edge. This lake like Riwalsar contains floating islands. A large fair takes place here in June when Mandi and Kullu people to the number of more than five thousand gather together; wool and blankets are largely sold.

Jhatingri-Himri Ganga:
Jhatingri was the summer headquarters of the administration and is prettily situated on the Ghogar Dhar at an elevation of 6,600 feet, where it is crossed by the road leading over the Bhubu pass into Kullu. Jhatingri is easily accessible, being only three Kms from the main Mandi-Palampur road near Urla. There are beautiful deodar and blue pine forests in the vicinity, and ferns and wild flowers grow in great profusion.During the month of September and March, a fair is organised at Himri-Ganga and thousands of devotees took holy dip in Himri-Ganga Kund.

Shikari Devi:
In the inner Seraj valley of Mandi district, Janjehali is one of the virgin tourist place, where tourists find serene beauty of nature. It is about 60 kms from Mandi. From Janjehali, tourists can visit Shikari Devi and Kamrunag temple and Chhatreshwar Mahadev. Kamrunag is a famous weather-god of Seraj valley . Besides the temple a lake is also exists there, where pilgrims take holy path during Kamrunag ‘jatar’.Kamrunag lake situated at a height of 5000 feet. On the Mandi-Chailchock-Janjehli, religious tourists can visit Devidhar and Budha-Kedar temple also.

Karsog valley:
Karsog valley is also famous for apple orchards and dens forests. Kamaksha and Mahunag are the famous temples of this area. Karsog is situated at a distance of 125 kms from district headquarter.

Chohar valley:
Famous for its old age traditional culture and rich fauna and flora, Chohar valley is situated in the north-east of the Mandi town and on the border of Kullu and Kangra districts. Barot is the most tourist destination in Chohar valley, where trout fish farming has been adopted as major source of income. Main reservoir of Uhal Hydel Power project is also situated at the spot.

Connected Himachal from northern end to the narrow-gauge train, Jogindernagar is famous for herbal garden, where various medicinal plants are grown in a scientific way including ‘Rudraksh’ and ‘Ashwagandha’, the rare plants. Famous ayurvedic pharmacy of the Pradesh is also located in Jogindernagar. Machhayal near Jogindernagar is also famous for natural lake where people take holy dip. Machhayal is also renowned for fish farming.


More than 60 fairs are organized in Mandi district. Shivratri fair of Mandi has been accorded international status, whereas Nalwar(Sundernagar), Chhesu and Baisakhi fair of Rewalsar are the state level fairs, besides Jogindernagar Mini Shivratri and Nalwar fair of Karsog are district level fairs.

1. Shivratri is international festival of the district which is celebrated in Mandi town. The week long fair starts on the day of Shivratri festival where above 200 deities from different parts of the district are invited to participate in the procession.

2. Five day long Mini Shivratri is also celebrated at Jogindernagar sub divisional hqrs. of the district . About 100 Deities of Chohar valley and Jogindernagar area converged in this district level mela.

3. Nalwar is another important fair of the district, which is celebrated at Sundernagar and other block hqrs. throughout the year. Farmers of concerned area participate in the mela on a big way.

4. Baisakhi fair is celebrated at Rewalsar and people from all walks of life take holy dip in the lake.

5. Kuthah is famous fair Inner Seraj valley of the district. This fair is celebrated in the month of May and deities of Seraj valley participate in it.

6. Mool Mahunag Mela(Bukhari) Karsog is organised on ‘Jyeshtha Sankranti’ every year.