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UBIK: A handy tool for any console cowboy...

UBIK is a minimal, console only, utility for managing small fragments of info like your book or CDROM collection, URLs, etc, from the commandline. UBIK is not a big time database. Hey - if you use wanna use UBIK for much more than cataloging a few thousand items, it probably isn't the right choice. With that design philosophy in mind, the goal here is to:

Get in > Get your data > Get out

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In order to use UBIK you'll need:

Win9x/NT/XP or greater
Pentium class processor or better
Working knowledge of the commandline
UBIK is fully portable, has zero 3rd party dependencies, and requires no formal installation. UBIK is modern code coupled with "old school" know-how. UBIK (pronounced 'yoo-bik') takes its moniker from the Philip K. Dick novel of the same name. Wikipedia states on the matter:

"The term Ubik comes from the Latin word ubique, which means `everywhere' and is the source of the English language word ubiquitous."

UBIK expects a single argument with which it scans a two cell pipe delimited text file looking for a match, and if found, executes the string to the right of the delimiter. An example:

A given record contains: c|calc.exe

Invoking `UBIK c' launches: calc.exe

The essential idea here is the use of mnemonics. Think of a mnemonic as an acronym or abbreviation if you will. "TV", for instance, is a mnemonic for "Television". Mnemonics rely on associations between easy-to-remembe constructs which are pointers to the data thats to be remembered.

What the human brain gains from the use mnemonics is the very nifty ability to compress information into a smaller area while still retaining its meaning... Such as "doc" for document, or "www" for world wide web.

A handy tool for any console cowboy...

Cool! UBIK won the Green Award from TinyApps.org

UBIK is freeware. To read more about UBIK, check out the documentation.