Symbian-based toaster announced!

By James Nash

By going open-source there’s nothing to stop device manufacturers using the Symbian releases on devices other than phones. However, we were all surprised by how quickly this happened!

Today - just in time for the start of CTIA 2009 - the world’s first toaster running the Symbian^2 operating system was announced by renowned home appliance manufacturer Hussel & Robbs:

April 1st

The SmartToaster X has the following innovative features:

  • BreadSense mode that uses internal sensors to figure out the ideal heat setting and time for the bread you have inserted.
  • The large touchscreen UI also allows you to tweak the settings to suit your personal taste.
  • Toast settings can be saved and assigned to individuals. A finger-print sensor on the side identifies the user and automatically displays their personal presets.
  • Additional presets and sandwich serving suggestions can be downloaded from the internet using the built-in WiFi connection.
  • Users can share their own presets and recipes online too.
  • Can connect to your phone via Bluetooth and upload reminders to buy more bread when you run out.
  • The screen can display useful online information such as news headlines, weather forecasts and video feeds to keep you entertained and informed in the kitchen.
  • Firmware updates are automatically downloaded and applied over the air to make sure you always have the latest features.

Furthermore, Hussel & Robbs have announced that the SmartToaster X is available for online pre-orders on their website as of today, April 1st 2009.

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16 Responses to “Symbian-based toaster announced!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Is this April Fool or a real? I would be very happy to see it real

  2. Antti Says:

    I wonder if it does copy-paste ;-) Good one.

  3. Suomynona Says:

    I bought a SmartToaster Y last december for $700, running UIQ. Is there going to be a firmware upgrade to Symbian^2 available for it? Hussle & Robbs should consider their old customers too…

  4. Tyson Key Says:

    Heh, a great job for 1st April. It looks like the perfect upgrade from the NetBSD toaster at

  5. Stringer Bell Says:

    Do the BBC and Symbian use the same PR company?
    One of you should ask for your money back!

  6. Hac Wiz Says:

    As I predicted :-)

  7. Aha, yeah yeah Says:

    See, this is the product Apple that wishes it had come up with.

  8. Petra Says:

    YESS! Sign me up for one. How did we even manage without BreadSense before? Personally I’m not for more news in the kitchen in the morning, but I could set the screen to play some bird singing from youtube.

    Automatic firmware upgrade is nice, but what about privacy issues? Do I lose my perfectly adjusted personal wheat&rye settings whenever Hussel&Robbs want to push another update?

  9. James Nash Says:

    @Stringer Bell: There was no PR conspiracy going on behind the scenes. Just a case of “great minds think alike” I guess. If anything, I was inspired by the Talkie Toaster from Red Dwarf.
    FWIW, the SmartToaster X has the Web Runtime pre-installed so the BBC iPlayer widget should work fine out of the box ;-)

    @Petra: Nope, it has User Data Preservation (UDP) :-)

  10. Carlos Silva @ & Says:

    YES, this is real, i’ve just bought one right now on!

  11. Anatolie Says:

    my toaster just died - where can I buy one?

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  13. anonymous Says:

    hustle and robs?

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  15. selvarajan Says:

    Hey Just wait for few days They will announce symbian 3rd edition toaster and ask you to buy symbian-signed app if you want to toast. Symbian signed is the most rediculous idea. OpenSource signing? well I wanted to sign apps today- and guess what? They have shut down! I have to wait till they transfer the process over to this equally stupid website- and even then I don’t know whether the signing process will work. To hell with Nokia

  16. Dan McNeil Says:

    Selvarajan - unfortunately, we had to take down in order to transfer the data from the site to the Symbian Foundation.

    Sorry that you got affected by this.

    We advertised the down time in advance on the site - but one of the improvements we’re looking into is whether we can create a mailing list for you to subscribe to, so you’ll get direct warning of any future downtime.

    The site will be back up again by Monday and so you will be able to sign your application then.

    On your other points - we are looking into how Symbian Signed should work in the world of the Symbian Foundation. We’d be very happy to hear the problems you’ve had with the site, and understand what we can do to make it work better for you.

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