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CA’s Paranoia Fest debuts with strong movie lineup

A solid schedule of independent horror features will screen at the first annual Paranoia Horror Film Festival, running Friday-Sunday, March 13-15. Hosted by Miss Behavin’, the “Princess of Paranoia,” the event takes place aboard the Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA.

paranoiafest09newsAmong the films to be shown are such new and promising chillers as Michael Stokes’ THE BEACON (pictured; see our last item here), Jason Stephens’ NECROSIS (see item here), Robbie Bryan’s IMURDERS (see item here) and Joshua Butler’s VLOG. Also terrorizing the Paranoia Fest’s screens are recent releases like Jack Messitt’s superior MIDNIGHT MOVIE (see review here), Josh Eisenstadt’s DARK REEL, Harry Basil’s FINGERPRINTS and SOUL’S MIDNIGHT and David A. Prior’s ZOMBIE WARS, along with midnight presentations of the original FRIDAY THE 13TH and EVIL DEAD II. Christopher P. Garetano’s documentary HORROR BUSINESS is also in the lineup, and scary shorts will be in abundance as well, both before the features and in blocks. Among them are the Viscera Film Festival, a collection of minimovies created entirely by women and overseen by Fango 2009 Spooksmodel Shannon Lark, the much-praised likes of Richard Gale’s CRITICIZED, Ryan Spindell's KIRKSDALE and Paul Campion's EEL GIRL and Shalena Oxley's wonderfully titled OPENING NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD.

In addition, the Paranoia Fest will present an award ceremony and after-party the night of the 15th. For ticket info, trailers for the flicks and more details, check out the festival’s official site here and MySpace page here.


  1. Can wait to go!!

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