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Baby attacked and killed by dogs

Last Update: 3/31 3:54 pm
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(News 4 WOAI)
(News 4 WOAI)
SAN ANTONIO -- An infant was attacked and killed by two dogs just west of Downtown Tuesday morning.

Police and EMS workers raced to a home in the 1100 block of Ruiz around 9:30 a.m., after a woman called saying a baby had been attacked by two pit bulls.

Investigators said the baby's grandmother was inside the home preparing a bottle for the baby, when the dogs broke down the baby-gate between the bedroom and kitchen. The dogs attacked Izaiah Gregory Cox. The police report says they "dragged [him] around like a rag doll."

The grandmother grabbed a knife and began stabbing the dogs to try to get them off of her grandson. She was able to get the boy into a crib, but the dogs then began to attack her.
Upon arriving, police officers shot and killed both dogs.

The 8-month-old boy and his grandmother were rushed to University Hospital. Doctors were were unable to save the baby. Police say he had lacerations to his neck and injuries to his head. The grandmother is recovering from her injuries.

Neighbors told News 4 WOAI the dogs have been aggressive in the past, and News 4 WOAI's crew spotted a sign hanging on the fence that reads "Warning: Security Dog."
Featured Comments
thinkamoment - 3/31/2009
Where are the numbers on all dogs bites? If someone (other than news stories) can prove with research that pitbulls are not biting more often than other dogs then I can see the point of leaving them alone. If pitbulls are significantly biting more than I'm concerned about the ownership of dnagerous animals. (There are similar concerns with exotic pets.) It would be great if people were responsible: parents, pet owners, all of us...but people are not responsible. That's why we have to be told to where a seatbelt or put our kids in a carseat for that matter, have drinking laws, smoking bans, etc. etc. Too many people can't make smart choices for themselves that unfortunately cost the rest of us the horrible consequences.

pitbulllover - 3/31/2009
punish the owners not the breed!!! its like saying bannded all gangmembers out of san antonio.... hire more animal control officer and respond to the call instead of giving a confirmation number. i am an owner of 2 pits. and i'm on top of the my dogs at all time. PUNISH THE OWNERS NOT THE BREED

bubba - 3/31/2009
Two children dead in two weeks - less than 50 miles apart. Only one thing in common: the breed of the dog. How many children have been left alone with other breeds during this time and are still alive today? You can point fingers at the parents, but. . . Why weren't there any fatalities involving Rotties/Great Danes/Shepherds/Dobermans and unsupervised children?

amb74 - 3/31/2009
Poor sweet baby - rest in peace ~

bubba - 3/31/2009
romeron - you are beating the "responsible pet owner" drum. Unfortunately, responsible pet owners are a distinct minority in SATX. If you don't believe this, look at the euthanasia numbers for the area.
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