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Essentially a taan-pradhaan gayaki with emphasis on "penchdar"( spiralling) taans, the Jaipur gharana revels in rare and "mishra" (mixed ) ragas.

Doyen- Alladiya Khan.

    Jaipur Gharana

Name of Artiste Raga Duration (Minutes) Source Audio Clip Add to My Music
Alaka Deo Marulkar Gauri- Vilambit 17.35 ITC-SRA
Alaka Deo Marulkar Lalita Gauri- Drut 12.30 ITC-SRA
Alaka Deo Marulkar Yaman 29.32 ITC-SRA
Ashwini Bhide Deshpande Durga, Tarana 5.01 ITC-SRA
Ashwini Bhide Deshpande Shankara 19.43 ITC-SRA
Jayashree R Patnekar Sampoorna Malkauns 24.49 ITC-SRA
Jayashree R Patnekar Shree 27.28 ITC-SRA
Kesarbai Kerkar Nat Kamod 3.22 Saregama India Ltd
Kesarbai Kerkar Lalita Gauri, Alaap 3.43 Saregama India Ltd
Kishori Amonkar Bageshri 2.54 Music Today
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All audio/video clips have been reproduced here with the required specific permission. Any attempt to capture and/or distribute these recordings in any manner whatsoever is a violation of applicable laws including copyright laws in India or other applicable jurisdiction.

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