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A new Corrie crimper arrives in the Street

natasha.jpgAudrey's been a bit short-handed at t'salon lately, what with Sarah-love going to Milan and David being banged up. Now Maria is going to have her own problems to deal with, and Audrey is going to have to start recruiting.

A new hairdresser will arrive in Coronation Street next month. Her name is Natasha, and she's played by Rachel Leskovac, who previously appeared in Holby City in 2003-4 as murderous nurse Kelly Yorke. She's also been nominated for Olivier awards for her theatre work, and played the part of Suranne Jones' sister in the TV drama Dead Clever.

Posted by Sue on April 24, 2008


This is a fantastic piece of casting by the Corrie producers. I cannot wait to see Rachel's character on our screens and May isn't long to wait. Very excited.

Corrie have done well with new characters recently. Dan, Harry and Tina all seem to be working. Thankfully they have made good their mistake by axing Lauren.

Posted by: Peter | April 24, 2008 1:30 PM

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