About BBHI

The BBHI was formed in the early 1990s after Jill Biden had several friends diagnosed with breast cancer. She realized that too often, breast self-examination (BSE) was not considered important for young women, as breast cancer was thought to be an older woman's disease. As an educator of high school and college age students, Jill decided to do something about it, and gathered breast cancer survivors, community leaders, and medical professionals together to help her provide crucial information to female students in the 10th, 11th, and 12th grades. A program was implemented that focused on BSE and the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. Our long-range goal is to decrease breast cancer incidence and mortality in Delaware through breast health awareness and education.

Board of Directors

Tonya Baker
Sue Zimmerman
Jill T. Biden Ed. D
Marge Lang LCSW, OSW-C

Karen Nestor Marshall
Shauna McIntosh, M.D.
Charlotte H. Passwaters
Nicole J.W. Requena
Joan Rosenthal
Lisa Sevier
Sonia S. Sloan
M. Cecilia Stoeckicht
Cynthia Church
Vicky Cooke
Maureen Corrigan
Claire M. DeMatteis, Esq.
Sherry Dorsey
Brenda James-Roberts, Esq.
Nanci Hoffman
Maureen Lauterbach


Barbara Bernard Murray, Executive Director

Program Implementation

Currently, the BBHI is reaching nearly 2,000 female students per year in both public and private high schools throughout the state of Delaware. We have reached a total of over 10,000 students through class presentations. Thousands more have been reached through our participation in health fairs. We've also increased the number of high schools offering our program.

Here's an overview of our progress over the past three years:

School Year Number of Students Number of Schools
2005-06 1,005 20
2006-07 1,787 28
2007-08 1,916 36