So you just got on twitter and you have no idea what the hell is going on? Ya it happened to me to. I was seeing all types of interconnected conversations and didn’t know how to step into them. This post will explain what the #hashtag tweet is all about.

The first thing to do would be going to and typing in a few of your favorite activities, hobbies, jobs, or interests. This is a great way to find new friends on twitter. Most likely you will notice a few tweets with the # and a word after it. That is a “hashtag” and it is just the number or pound sign plus a “tag”. Tags are words that describe the content. On this blog you may notice the tags i have on posts. Hashtags are tags for twitter.

Now you got a few friends that use the hashtag, you will want to join in. The most popular (in my opinion) is the #followfriday hashtag. Thought up by @micah it was started to share interesting new friends on twitter with others, on fridays. Here is how it works, on friday thousands of people on twitter pick some people they like on twitter and tweet their @names and the hashtag #followfriday. Its simple, quick, and helps new people on twitter find interesting tweeple. It works because your friends see who you like and can retweet it. Seriously fridays are always the day when I get a lot of followers.

You can put a hashtag after any tweet you make like in the example #eco. After any tweet that has to do with the green movement, environmental causes, or eco news you can put the #eco hashtag and other people will easily be able to find it and share it.

Lets have a real life examples:

I tweet the following: “I just planted a tree, i feel so #green” it will show up on twitter search for #green immediately as well as any web apps that rely on the twitter API and feeds that are set to retrieve those tweets.

Here is a list of popular #hashtags I know of, feel free to suggest more in the comments below!

~#followfriday Fridays only! Suggest new friends to your followers.

~#quote One of my favorites! I even built a web app Twuoted - Quotes from twitter to find new great quotes. Use it after any quote you want to share!

~#musicmonday Mondays only! Tell twitter what music you like.

~#green Like the planet? Me to, i use a lot of #green!

~#dev For the developers out there making the web happen.

~#design I love design. A lot.

~#wordpress If you got questions about wordpress use this.

~#fastfollowfive A new good one, suggest the 5 latest people you follow who tweeted. (@montanaflynn @twuoted @complimedia @GNUlicense @dom #fastfollowfive)

You can pretty much look for any event or destination with the hashtag as well, #SXSW was VERY popular on twitter during the south by southwest event.

Thats it for now, if you got any questions leave a comment or tweet at me @montanaflynn.