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Sydney Restaurants

Pamper Your Taste on Sydney Cuisine

By Larry Rivera,

Doyles at Watsons Bay

Doyles on the beach at Watsons Bay

Courtesy Tourism New South Wales

Sydney has become such a multicultural city that the influences of food from around the world have made their mark on Sydney cuisine.

Popular Sydney restaurants include The Summit at the top of Australia Square and Doyles on West Circular Quay, at Watsons Bay and in the Fisherman's Market. There's a row of fine Sydney restaurants along East Circular Quay on the way to the Sydney Opera House.

Some really fine dining is found in the restaurants of five-star Sydney hotels.

There was a time when almost the only eateries available in the city were the Aussie steakhouse or the ubiquitous Chinese restaurant.

Chinese food is alive and well, and there’s no better place to savor varied Chinese fare from multi-course banquets to the simpler lunchtime yum cha and the late night congee than Sydney’s own Chinatown with its restaurants clustered tightly in the area bounded by George and Harbour Sts between Goulburn and Hay Sts and traversed by the malled Dixon St.

Restaurant areas

The Aussie steakhouse is still around, mainly in the form of chain restaurants and a version of it in the pubs and clubs. But steak, as a dish and in its many forms, is very much a staple offering in many Sydney restaurants where it has graduated into fine Sydney cuisine.

There are restaurants all over Sydney but unless you know what you want and where to go, it is best to try the better-known (not necessarily better) restaurant areas.

For the Sydney tourist in the heart of the city (aside from dining in the hotel restaurant, and there are many fine hotel restaurants) these would be areas such as Circular Quay (East and West), The Rocks, Darling Harbour, and, of course, Chinatown. The Quay has its fair share of Sydney restaurants, and is one of the places where one should be able to find something to eat late at night, aside from Kings Cross, which hardly ever sleeps, and certain other places in Chinatown.

Eat streets

On the periphery of central Sydney are Cleveland St, pretty much for Lebanese food, and Glebe Point Rd with its varied ethnic fare.

Glebe Point Rd is always worth a visit although parking is a problem (as in most of the city) on busy Fridays and Saturdays. Here is where you can find, among many others, Nepalese, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, and vegetarian food — all generally at quite reasonable cost.

A number of blocks west and there's Norton St, a paradiso of Italian food.

King St in Newtown is another growing restaurant row with reasonably priced fare.

Further away from the heart of the city are such eat streets as Church St in Parramatta (south of the mall for Asian food, north of the mall for a wider cosmopolitan mix) and King Georges Rd in Beverly Hills.

Larry Rivera
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Larry Rivera
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