Jan. 1954 Ha Dong-hwan Motor Workshop was established
Dec. 1962 Dongbang Motor Co., Ltd. was established
Dec. 1962 Company establishment was publicly notified
Jul. 1963 Two companies (Ha Dong-hwan Motor Workshop and Dongbang Motor Co., Ltd.) merged under a new name, Ha Dong-hwan Motor Co., Ltd
Dec. 1965 Awarded by the Minister of Transportation at Korea's Model Company Awards
May. 1966 Started exporting H7H R-66 bus to Brunei
May. 1967 Established partnership with Shinjin Motor Co., Ltd.
Aug. 1967 Became Korea's first exporter of large buses to Vietnam
Dec. 1972 Company was registered as a legal corporation
Apr. 1974 Co-established Shinjin jeep Motor Co., Ltd
May. 1974 Made a technical partnership contract with AMC
Oct. 1974 Developed hardtop, softtop jeeps
Sep. 1976 Began to produce a variety of special purpose vehicles
Jan. 1977 Assigned to be the professional fire engine manufacturer
Feb. 1977  Company name changed to Donga Motor Co., Ltd.
Feb. 1977 Developed 4, 5 and 6-passenger diesel jeep models
Dec. 1979 Completed the construction of Pyungtaek Plant
Mar. 1980 Assigned to be part of 'National Defense Industries'
May. 1981 Began selling taxi jeeps
Sep. 1981 Began selling snowplow jeeps
Mar. 1982 Developed dump trailers
Mar. 1983 Adopted 'Korando' trademark of Geohwa Co., Ltd.