Welcome to Absolutely Alex. First introduced to theUS in The Fortunes and Misfortunes of Moll Flanders in which she played the title roll. Her stardom in the US was then secured when she played Dr. Elizabeth Corday on ER for 6 seasons before leaving to pursue other oportunities.

HQ pictures
I've added HQ pictures to the following galleries:
TV Guide Awards
99 People's Choice Awards
02 People's Choice Awards
National Movie Awards
Premiere of Basic Instinct
Oprah Winfrey's Before Women Had Wings
The Children's Society New York Taxi Cab Regional Tour in London
After Party for One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest
The Cambridge Photo Shoot
Laurence Olivier Awards
Welcome Juliet Lewis Party

Few. Enjoy guys!
Posted on 01 Mar 2009 by Elizabeth
Filofax organiser personalised by Alex Kingston
Alex has designed a pink filofax organizer to be auctioned off in support of Breast Cancer Research. Her filofax can be seen here. She is joining other stars like Lily Allen and Kylie Minogue in the auction. Bidding starts at 50 pounds ($100US Approx) and the auction ends April 13. You can buy the filofax outright for 200 pounds ($400 US approx)
Posted on 24 Feb 2009 by Elizabeth
Mark your calendars! Jan. 15th!!
The doctor is in. Dr. Elizabeth Corday, that is.

Over the holidays, an airdate was set for Alex Kingston's return to ER as Dr. Mark Greene's widow.

Kingston, whose original ER run spanned seven seasons (from 1997 to 2004), will resurface in the Jan. 15 episode, when Neela goes in for an attending interview and is surprised to run into Dr. Corday.

"I've been gone five years but it seems like yesterday," Kingston said in an interview when her return first was announced. "It'll be great to see everyone again."

Kingston's is the latest encore confirmed for ER's final season. Most recently, Anthony Edwards appeared as Mark (albeit in cleverly reconstructed flashbacks revolving around Angela Basset's Dr. Cate Banfield). Also expected back during the long-running medical drama's final months are Noah Wyle and Eriq La Salle (though only as a director).

ER's series finale is set for March 12.
Posted on 29 Dec 2008 by Elizabeth
Here's something new
Alex had an uncredited role in 1996's Weapons of Mass Distraction.

Your fun fact for the day!
Posted on 22 Nov 2008 by Elizabeth
Kind of related to Alex
OMG YAY! EDIT TO ADD: Alex will also be returning to ER!!!!!!!! She will appear as Dr. Corday in a flashback. WOOT!! Finally, an episode ER I'll watch this season. That makes, what? 2?

Because it's ER news.
TV GUide is reporting that George Clooney (Schedule permitting) and Eriq LaSalle will both be guest staring on ER. Noah Wyle will also be returning for a 4 episode arc.
Posted on 10 Nov 2008 by Elizabeth
CSI screen caps and gallery
First, the gallery. YOU DO NOT NEED TO REGISTER FOR THE GALLERY! Stop emailing me about it. If you ever really needed to register for the gallery, I'd tell you.

Next, screen caps of Alex on CSI are up in said gallery. Enjoy!
Posted on 25 Oct 2008 by Elizabeth
TV and movies
Apparently, Alex had a guest staring role on tonight's episode of CSI. She played Patricia Alwick, a psychiatrist brought in to do peer counseling for the staff of CSI: Las Vegas. If you're in the loop, you know why that's needed. If you're not, well, I'm not going to spoil. ETA: I've added a production still from the episode to the gallery!

Alex also has a role in an upcoming movie called Callers. She will be playing the role of Sheila. The film is currently in post production as of August 1st.

And, finally, as has been previously reported here, Alex is also filming a role in a tv series (mini series?) for British TV called Hope Springs. She will be playing the role of Ellie.
Posted on 23 Oct 2008 by Elizabeth
Finding issues
So, as I look over the site a little more closely, I'm starting to find problems, mainly with the affiliates. As much as I loved the purchased layout, like I said, I'm CSS simple and that caused some issues. As a result, I had to use an older version of the site so that I didn't have to recode EVERYTHING. As a result of this, some of the affiliates are missing from the side bar/are misspelled.

I AM WORKING ON THIS!! However, due to personal long term medical issues, I only have so much patience/brain cells for things like this so it's slow going. Affiliates, bear with me. Over the weekend I will get everything back to the way it should be.
Posted on 22 Oct 2008 by Elizabeth
New Layout
Wow. So, this whole new layout thing? Yeah, it just totally reminded me of why I hate programing new layouts. Unfortunately, I'm CSS simple and have BIG issues setting up purchased layouts. Oh well. I suppose.
Posted on 19 Oct 2008 by Elizabeth
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