American Idol, CSI and Two and a Half Men lead weekly viewing

American Idol, CSI and Two and a Half Men lead weekly viewing

Posted on 27 January 2009 by Robert Seidman

No surprises here. American Idol wins again, followed by CSI , Two and a Half Men and House. The LOST premiere makes the list at number 20 (but number 6 among 18-49 year olds) and the premiere of Lie To Me does better for FOX than 24, both overall and among 18-49 year olds.

Nielsen Top Twenty Shows by viewers for the week ending January 25, 2009:

Rank Shows R=Repeat S=Special P=Premiere Net # Viewers (LIVE+SD) (000) HH RATING (LIVE+SD) HH SHARE (LIVE+SD) 18-49 Rank
2 AMERICAN IDOL-TUESDAY FOX 22,773 12.1 18 2
3 CSI CBS 17,572 10.6 16 7
4 TWO AND A HALF MEN CBS 16,094 9.8 14 5
5 HOUSE P FOX 15,027 8.8 13 4
6 CSI: MIAMI CBS 14,579 9.3 15 16
7 GREY’S ANATOMY-THU 9PM ABC 14,432 9.4 14 3
8 60 MINUTES CBS 14,208 8.9 15
9 CRIMINAL MINDS CBS 13,816 8.7 13 20
10 COLD CASE CBS 13,257 8.2 13
11 NEIGHBORHOOD BALL-1/20(S) S ABC 12,573 7.9 12 17
12 LIE TO ME P FOX 12,370 7.2 11 8
13 ELEVENTH HOUR CBS 12,314 7.8 13
14 24 FOX 12,099 7.0 10 12
15 FRINGE FOX 11,962 7.0 10 9
16 HALLMARK HALL OF FAME CBS 11,735 8.0 12
17 NCIS R CBS 11,733 7.2 11
18 EXTREME MAKEOVER:HM ED-8P ABC 11,588 6.7 10 13
19 CSI: NY CBS 11,581 7.6 12
20 LOST P ABC 11,347 6.6 10 6

Nielsen Ratings Data: ©2009 The Nielsen Company. All Rights Reserved

All numbers above based on live plus same day DVR viewing.

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11 Comments For This Post

  1. Jeff G says:

    Again, without football, no NBC shows in top 20.

  2. Julia says:

    Well, next week they’ll have at least three. But that’ll probably be it for the rest of the season.

  3. Boston says:

    Yeah NBC could possibly have four (The Super Bowl, Super Bowl Pre Game, Super Bowl Post Game, and the show after the Super Bowl which is what Scrubs or something?

  4. Boston says:

    I mean the office is the one after the superbowl so NBC will probably get 1,2,3,4 or at lest 1,2,3,5

  5. Julia says:

    The pre-game show will not be in primetime, so it won’t be on this list. My guess is they have 1, 2, 5, with both Idols beating The Office.

  6. idizzle says:

    House was only a time slot premiere though. There was nothing special about the episode itself. It seems curious to single it out in a way that might suggest it had the same special episode draw like Lie to Me or Lost had.

  7. R.G. says:

    Wow - no NBC in top 20…wierd but expected…is this a first??
    Like I said NBC will be the NEW CW…they only have this years Superbowl and the 2010 Winter Olympics for me…

  8. Paul says:

    the office above 20 millions? might be hard…

    13 years ago friends after the SB get above 50 millions viewers.

    what a difference!

  9. Tom says:

    It’s probably one of last times LOST is in the top 20.

  10. Julia says:

    Paul, if The Office doesn’t get 20 mil, I’ll be extremely surprised. 25 would be pushing it, but it’ll get at least 20.

  11. Dylan says:

    Yes I think with good ads during the SUperBowl and the crowd that the SuperBowl Post Game will do (anywehre from 40-70 million) a chunk of that audience will continue to watch the office. i think the episode will get prolley 17-22 million viewers . But i wont be suprised to see a big number out there that beats idol because it is right after the SuperBowl Post Game

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