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The Florida State University Strength & Conditioning Program is dedicated to pursuing excellence. We are committed to developing the finest strength and conditioning program in the nation. This includes developing the best professional staff, facilities, and administering the most comprehensive, efficient and effective collegiate program. Our goal is to maximize the athletic potential of each student-athlete by:

  • Providing an expert staff educated in and determined to render the most up-to-date and effective strength and conditioning procedures to FSU athletes.
  • Developing individualized programs based on scientifically proven principles tailored to enhance each athlete's needs.
  • Administering comprehensive programs which address: strength, power, acceleration, speed, agility, core development, flexibility, conditioning, nutrition and are designed to develop the total athlete.
  • Monitoring team and individual progress on a daily basis.
  • Reducing the risk of injury by strengthening weaknesses and working closely with the team doctors and trainers through the rehab process.
  • Enhancing each individual's self-confidence, sense of well-being, and overall physical health.
  • Instilling a strong work ethic, discipline and will of heart, which will carry over the field of competition and life.

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