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The story of the fall of an extraterrestrial spacecraft in Timmendorfer Strand, near Lübeck in Germany, circulates on the Internet as various short versions with deteriorations in which the date is sometimes "1961 date unknown" or "February 1961" or "1962" or "at the beginning of February 1962". Even the location is sometimes noted "Timmendorf", or "Timmensdorfer" or "Timmensdorf".

The original source of the history is in fact one Robert O. Dean, former NATO officer, who said he had accidentally stumbled on a very secret file, "Cosmic Top Secret", an "estimate of the situation" of 460 pages, which had remained on a desk of NATO. The file, he said told how the military had proof that the Erath is under constant monitoring by extraterrestrial beings: UFOS detected on radar and UFO sightings as we know it, but also, recoveries of flying saucers and sometimes of their occupants. In fact, the document allegedly indicated that human themselves owe their coming to the extraterrestrials. About this Timmensorfer UFO crahu, Dean told Omni magazine in 1994:


Bob Dean.

An Interview with Robert O. Dean

[Dean speaks of the secret file he claimed he saw on a NATO desk.]

The appendix that really got to me was titled 'Autopsies.'

I saw pictures of a 30-meter disc that had crashed in Timmensdorfer, Germany, near the Baltic Sea in 1961.

The British Army, according to the report, got there first and put up a perimeter. The craft had landed in very soft, loamy soil near the Russian border and so hadn't destructed, but one-third of it was buried in.

We and the Russians, who also quickly showed up, had both tracked it. Inside, there were 12 small bodies, all dead. There were pictures of the bodies, which looked like the beings known as the 'grays,' being laid out and then put on stretchers and loaded into jeeps, and autopsy photos, too. Some of the little grays appeared to not be a reproductive-capable species.

The autopsy guys concluded, according to the report, that it looked as if they had been cut out of a cookie cutter - clones with no alimentary tract. They did not ingest or process food as we know it, nor did it appear that they had any system for elimination.

The craft itself was cut up like a pie into six pieces, put on lowboys and hauled off. Scuttlebutt was that it was given to the Americans and flown to Wright-Patterson Air Force base in Ohio.

I looked at these pictures and couldn't believe it. My skin got cold and I thought, My God. I had never really believed we were all alone in the universe, but this was hard to swallow.


The story was then simply taken on by Michael Hesemann in his book "Geheimsache UFO", a book not lacking in daring assertions....

Heseman says that while Dean dates the crash as of the beginning of February 1962, another military source confirmed the incident but dated it back to February 1961. No information whatsoever is given by Heseman about this other source.

He adds that it was a British ingineering battalion that immediately intervened. The place of the accident is said to have been with only one kilometer of the border and Soviet are said to have gathered behind the no-man's land to observe the intervention.

Heseman gives sizes to the allegedly recovered extraterrestrial beings: from 1 m 20 to 1 m 30. It adds other details, compliant with the "short grey" traditional imagery: immense eyes in form of amade, large heads, thin bodies. The remainder of the story simply paraphrases what Dean had claimed in Omni magazine.

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