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Investigation of incident involving fatality on Saipem 7000

07.11.2007 | On 12 August 2007, a Philippine sailor died on board the Saipem 7000 lifting vessel on the Tordis field, where StatoilHydro is the operator. The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway's (PSA's) investigation of the incident has revealed a number of regulatory nonconformities. On this basis, we have issued a notification of order to StatoilHydro.

The deceased was part of a work crew consisting of four persons working together on a winch holding a hydraulic hose. The hose ran from the winch to a pulley in the crane beam and down to the actual module.

The pulley had jammed, and there was tension on the hose from the pulley down to the module and slack from the pulley down to the winch. One bend of the hose was left lying on the winch platform next to the winch after failed attempts to free the hose.

The deceased was most likely struck by the hydraulic hose when it was suddenly tightened. The hose then struck or pushed the deceased over the railing. He fell into the sea from the winch platform approx. 30 meters above the sea surface, and drowned.

On the same day the incident occurred, the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) set up an investigation group which assisted the police in their investigation of the accident. The mandate of the investigation group includes clarifying the course of events, identifying the triggering and underlying causes, as well as identifying any breaches of the regulations.

The investigation uncovered the following nonconformities:

  • Incorrect design of the pulley arrangement.

  • Deficient engineering and risk assessment.

  • Deficient assessment of use of technology to reduce risk.

  • Deficient risk assessment and understanding of risk.

  • Deficient distribution of responsibility and lines of communication.

  • Deficient hand-over/communication.

  • Deficient follow-up by operator.


Nonconformities have been identified both on the part of Statoil and Saipem.

Based on our findings during the investigation, we have issued the following notification of order to StatoilHydro:

Pursuant to Section 5 of the Framework Regulations relating to the supervisor responsibility, cf. Section 58 of the Framework Regulations relating to individual decisions, StatoilHydro is ordered to prepare and implement a plan for following up the nonconformities that emerge under Chapter 5 of the report, cf. Item 5.1.7 of the report relating to deficient follow-up by the operator.

The deadline for preparing the plan is 31 December 2007. The deadline for implementing the plan is at the next acceptance of lifting vessels. The PSA must be notified when the plan has been prepared.

The company should submit any comments regarding the notification by 30 November 2007.

Contact in the PSA:
Inger Anda, press spokesperson
Telephone: +47 970 54 064

PSA investigates fatal accident on Saipem 7000

Investigation report


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