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USAID: From The American People Sub-Saharan Africa Interactive radio show educates both pupils and teachers nationwide in Madagascar  - Click to read this story
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USAID in Africa

News, Updates, and Resources from USAID's Bureau for Africa.

USAID in Africa covers news, updates, and resources from USAID's programs in Africa and shares experience from development partners. It replaces African Voices, SD Abstracts, and SD Developments, and combines elements from the three.

Newsletter: USAID in Africa, Spring 2006
News, Updates, and Resources from USAID's Bureau for Africa.

In the Spring 2006 Issue:

  • USAID responds to Avian Flu in Africa
  • USAID encourages financial independence for Rwanda's courts
  • Students contribute to environmental research in Benin
  • Kenyan farmers improve their avocado harvests and profits
  • Gulu deaf association members become sign language trainers
  • USAID responds to need for improved healthcare and health information for youth in Madagascar
  • Access to clean drinking water and proper sanitation is a growing challenge

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