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A collection of deconversion stories and links,
from people who used to be Christian but now are not.

Welcome to exchristian.org

For as long as there has been christianity, people have been leaving it.

The bible is clear about why people leave the faith, or refuse christianity in the fist place. According to 2 Peter chapter 2, the only reason people leave is because they want to sin. According to John 3:19, the only reason anyone is not a christian is because their deeds are evil. According to the bible, non or ex-christians are bad people with bad motives and destined for hell - "Whose end is destruction, whose God is their belly".

There is another point of view, of course. That these passages were written by men attempting to frighten their congregations away from pursuing difficult questions. For the most part, it works. Most christians only ever think about their faith from within the framework of christian belief. But every now and then, one will go, "hey - wait a moment! What if it were all false?", and the game will be up. Because when you look at christianity "from outside", just for a moment, it swiftly becomes obvious that it doesn't really hang together. A christian must dedicate their life to bringing every thought into captivity to avoid such moments of illumination.

On this site I collect deconversion stories. Stories from people who used to be professing christians, and who now are not. Some are now atheists, some believe in a God but think christianity is wrong about him/her/it/them; some are materialists, some have embraced new age spirituality; some have gone on to other religions, and some don't know what they belive, except they know that it isn't christianity. Some deconverted young; some spent their lives in the faith and only realised late. Some had a terrible time of it - fear of hell, ostracism by their friends and family, their whole world collapsing; some simply grew out of christianity as naturally as they did their belief in the tooth fairy.

Over the years as I have maintained this site, though, I have noticed that the stories do have one thing in common. There are various ways by which a person becomes a christian: a person might be evangelised into belief over time or in a moment of crisis, or lose themselves in a group experience, join a community, or simply be raised that way. Converting to Christianity is almost always something that other people persuade you to do. It's very uncommon for one who has never believed it to consider the merits of christianity on their own and be converted. That christian trope of an unbeliever reading the bible and praying the sinner's prayer doesn't really happen all that often.

But coming to understand that christianity is false is almost always a personal journey, often a lonely one. Absent these pages are very many (if any) stories where someone was anti-evangelised, or argued down. There are a couple, but not many. The blind may lead the blind, but when we see, we each see on our own.

If you are beginning to suspect that there is something amiss with the faith you have been taught, all of us have been through what you are going through. The key, for me, was this: I know that there are other christians - undeniably saved - who differ with me and my church on important doctrines. Why should I suppose that my particular church is the lucky group who just happened to get it all 100% right? That my beliefs are not the wrong ones? I'll never know - I'll potentially spend the rest of my life in error - if I don't check what they are saying.

To view the stories, just click the links up top. The stories are listed by location, by denomination etc so that you can hopefully find something of interest.

This site runs on contributions, of course. You can write the text of your story here to be kept on this site, or supply me with a link to your story which you have hosted elsewhere. Either way is fine. Just click the "Your Sory" link up top.

Oh, one final thing. Occasionally I get mail from people who feel that I am obliged to show the other side of the story, the evidences for christianity, the wonderful things that Jesus has done in people's lives etc. Well, I don't feel at all obligated to do so - what can I say? This site does not pretend to be anything other than what it is, and what it is is a bunch of deconversion stories. It does not pretend to objectively weigh up the sides of the argument (as if anybody could). It is not a debate site (go see the discussion boards at infidels for that). It's a big wide internet, and if anyone wants info on Jesus, it's only a click away. If you feel that Jesus has been hard done by by some of the stories here, then feel free to set up your own web site as I have done.

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