ON GameFAQs: The top 10 cel-shaded video games

Funniest Game

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Publisher: Rockstar Games
Developer: Rockstar North
No, we're not claiming that every single activity in San Andreas is a source of humor. But underneath the surface, behind the gang violence and crime-empire construction, lies a hotbed for hilarious and often absurd moments.

Characters like The Truth, a burnt-out hippie whom you meet in the countryside between Los Santos and San Fierro, really make up some of what's best about San Andreas. His dialogue is well written, well delivered by veteran actor Peter Fonda, and usually hilarious. His conspiracy-theory chatter really livens up the action. But then there's Ryder, with his constant drug-addled behavior making him a likable fool right up to the end. Or how about Mike Toreno, with his crazy CIA spook tactics? The list really does go on and on.

The other side of GTA's comedy comes from the radio. The series' various radio stations have all been pretty funny over the years, and San Andreas really goes the extra mile. With one eye toward poking fun at the ridiculous things that made up early-'90s pop culture and another aimed squarely at random absurdity, the game's radio stations give you a great cast of wild characters. Toss in an S-and-M-style gimp outfit, a modified billboard, and a pimp played by Charlie Murphy, and you have 2004's Funniest Game, hands down.
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