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November 04, 2008

Bacon and Beer Tasting at Jimmy’s No. 43

Jimmy's These days, fancy tasting events are a dime a dozen. Pretty much any day of the week, you can head somewhere to sample some red wines paired with cave aged cheese, white wine paired with savory fondues, or gin paired with delicious martini olives (the last one is available at a cozy little place we like to call Chez Barfly’s Kitchen Counter). With our vast tasting experience, it takes a lot to make our mouth water. When we heard about an upcoming event at Jimmy’s no. 43 our mouth started to drip in what we can only describe as Homer Simpson fashion. They may not be serving Duff, but the bar’s upcoming Beer and Bacon Tasting event has unleashed the drool.

On Monday the 10th, this East Village bar is doing away with all of the tired trappings that can be found at most other tasting events. They know what their audience craves: beer, meat, and more beer. They event begins at 7:00 pm, and they’ve included some chutneys on the list if the idea of brew and bacon isn’t enough for you (why that wouldn’t be enough mystifies even the most sophisticated among us).

The event is one in a series of truly unique tasting parties that they hold at the bar. If you are a vegetarian (surely you can make an excuse for the glorious bacon!) then you can check out a Ricotta cheese tasting or perhaps their Belgian Beer and Pickle night. If you, like us, are already putting your bib on for Monday, you can expect some excellent pairings presented by none other than Josh Ozersky. Apparently, when not consumed with his new gig at The Feedbag, he’s been able to find enough time for the important things in life (i.e. consuming beer).

Wendy W. Smith from School House Kitchen will also be on hand to talk about their mustard, chutney, and vinaigrette. How much bacon/beer/chutney/mustard/more beer do you need to consume to get your $45 worth? We’re not sure on the exact amount, but imagine it is just under what Homer would be able to take in if he actually was in attendance.

Jimmy’s No. 43 is at 43 East 7th Street. On November 10th, East 7th Street will unofficially be known as Bacon Boulevard and 7 pm will be Pig-Fat-O’Clock.


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