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2008 Short Story Competition

Welcome to the Slippery When Wet Stories Website.

The Results are in!!!

We would like to thank everyone for participating in the 2008 Slippery When Short Story Competition.

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Since 2002, the Slippery When Wet Annual Short Story Competition has provided a vehicle for Australian writers of all backgrounds to unleash their imaginations and share their tales of Australian adventure on the road, with winning and finalist entries being published in an annual short story compilation.         

Originally established to share tales from people who frequent the Australian roads and highways, such as truck drivers and travelers; in turn it provided companionship to its readers in times of solitude, by sharing with them related tales by their counterparts who were also part of the compilation.

Entries from all ages and walks of life were welcome, with two main criteria for entry; Stories to be 2000 words or less and to have a ‘road' theme.  From people who had road-centered lifestyles and experiences to aspiring writers with tales to share, have contributed to Slippery When Wet, which is now printing its seventh compilation.

Each year, Slippery When Wet has grown in popularity, attracting entries from all across Australia and New Zealand, as well as seeing young students, professional and amateur writers taking an interest.

In 2004, Slippery When Wet introduced its first two encouragement awards; Best Student Entry, for best story from a student under the age of 19-years; and the Most Humorous Story, open to all ages and entries.

Year 2007 paved a milestone in the history of Slippery When Wet, with the Competition was broadening its criteria to a general theme whilst still encouraging stories with a road theme by introducing the award, Best Story with Road Theme.  Although Slippery When Wet has grown each year, 2007 has by far been its most successful which has guaranteed its continuation in 2008.