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"How much deeper would the oceans be if sponges didn't live there?"
VPlanet's Forum Restored
Joe King
Now that VPlanet's forum is all patched up, will it regain the activity it once had?
Old site restored
Joe King
Access to the old but current content of VPlanet is now restored to the community.
The 2004 QB Gaming Gold Nominations Have Opened!
A little delayed, but the time has arrived for this year's GGA nominations. Let the games begin!
Moving Pains?
V Planet! has moved to its new server, but the road from here may be slightly bumpy.
The 2004 QB Gaming Gold Awards Is Almost Set To Begin!
V Planet Staff
Get ready for this year's Gaming Golds! After a long hiatus, this year promises to be one of the biggest galas in the history of the QB world. Who will take home the gold this year?
Editorial: The Future Of V Planet!
V Planet! Editor Nekrophidius discusses the future of V Planet! and pending changes being made to the website.
The New Future Of QB?
QB veteran developer v1ctor reveals what could easily become the next generation of QB game development.
Pete's QBasic Site is Back!
V Planet Staff
After a hiatus since 2000, Pete Berg is back in a big way, with an unbelieveable overhaul to his website and a message to the QB gaming world!