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Jeff Gord Interview
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Jeff Gord takes his pet for a walk.
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Recently Ms. Nikki Nefarious had the pleasure of interviewing Jeff Gord the innovative Master of the House of Gord.

Nikki: Thank you so much for taking the time to answer these interview questions! These questions are basic, just to get the mind flowing. If there is anything else you would like to say, please take this opportunity to enlighten us!!

Jeff: At the outset I should mention that all my answers are based on my own predilection of Male top - Female submissive roles. That is my kink and therefore the only scenario I am qualified to comment upon.

Nikki: You are well known for your inventions and forniphilia rigs. How did you get your start in this?

Jeff: I was inspired by the great bondage artists. John Willie, Stanton, Jim, and Bob Bishop, to name but a few. My initial driving force was to see if the amazing bondage images these people created could be brought to life with real women. Later, as I became more experienced and knowledgeable about the capabilities (and of course anatomical limitations of the female form) I was able to start working on my own bizarre fantasy images, which seemed to be a never-ending stream of mindboggling scenarios that titillated my sex drive.

Nikki: Would you please share your creative process? Where do you find inspiration?

Jeff: I find inspiration almost anywhere. Many ideas came to me during my engineering career. I worked as an engineer for a scrap processing machine manufacturer, a profession that often required me to visit machines that were installed at scrap yards. Later I began designing these machines myself and started two companies in Africa building and maintaining them.

Scrap yards were a constant source of new ideas as I looked through all the various chunks of scrap that people had thrown away and visualized how I could use them to restrain women in various positions.

Often it can be just the image of a woman walking down the street near something, and suddenly a scenario with both the woman and the object mated in some sort of bondage rig will spring into mind. Case in point would be the Punishment Box. That was triggered by a shapely lady standing right next to a US Mailbox. She dropped something and squatted alongside the box to pick it up, and I noticed how perfectly her size matched the box when she squatted. The rest as they say is history. Many ladies who have sampled the box are quite willing to climb back into it. I suppose the programmable vibrators, wriggly dildos, and electrical stimulators may have something to do with that.

Nikki: How did you come to prefer your subject matter, especially that of forniphilia?

Jeff: It was probably in my genes from birth. I can remember my first arousal at the age of five at the sight of a lady wearing seamed net tights and calf boots. At that age I had no idea what those fantastically good feelings I was experiencing were or why seeing that lady, dressed as she was, created them.

Annoyingly, this lady kept walking around on stage and I just wanted to stare at her fantastic butt and those seamed butt cheeks as she moved. I can remember thinking it would be better if she was tied up so that she could not hide her butt. I guess Pony Girls were a natural progression. A Pony Girl cannot hide her hard working butt as she pulls you along.

The furniture thing is most definitely a very strong objectification kink. Fortunately for me, there are a lot of ladies out there who get turned on by being objectified. But being a piece of furniture also panders to the other side of the female persona, Most women just love to be the center of attention and to be admired. When arranged into an exotic piece of furniture they can be sure everyone is looking at THEM.

By the way, the term "Forniphilia" is actually a House of Gord creation. We needed a single descriptive word for the art of creating female furniture that could be used on the website to create a specific catagory.

My webmaster created "Forniphilia" which we later copyrighted. I am informed that it is listed for inclusion into the Oxford Dictionary at the next edition. It brings a smile to my face when I come across discussions on the internet by so called knowledgable types who are arguing that the word came from ancient Greeks, or Romans or the like and dates back to 54 BC. I even heard one professor type claiming it was a direct translation from Hyreglyphics discovered in an Egyptian tomb.

Er, like folks, it dates back to Bremerton USA, 1998. :-) It is derived from a combination of old French and Latin. I was there, and the guy who thought it up is a Canadian called Aaron. The place was an old Oil company office that was Gord central at the time.

Nikki: Many bondage practices focus on sexual pleasure of either or both the parties involved. Would you define this as a sensual experience, a sexual experience or both for you personally?

Jeff: I can't speak for others, but all my bondage practices are about sexual and sensual pleasure-for both players. I don't see any other point of doing it otherwise, unless it is a purely sadistic desire to impart suffering on a non consensual partner. That does not work for me at all.

I guess Forniphilia is also an art form, but it is also about arranging a woman in a sexually interesting manner that enhances her beauty, sexual allure, and of course, her availability. I guess there is also the enjoyment of having that illusory control over what I consider to be a very powerful creature. Women are in my opinion by no means the wimpy side of the sexual divide. They are dangerous critters.

I say illusory control because that is what it is. In fact, the lady playing the part of the submissive has all the power in any consensual bondage game. Ignore her wishes and needs and you can kiss goodbye to playing with her again.

Nikki: Regarding your inventions, what is your most favorite and why? Could you please include a photo?

Jeff: All of them are my favourites. At the time of building each one is the best and most exciting project-until I build it and use it. Then my mind moves on to new ideas and even more complex possibilities. I guess the super complex machines are my overall favourites. There is a lot of satisfaction in building a machine that may require many redesigns to get it right, and then see the girls having blockbuster orgasmic experiences on them. It makes all the struggle and effort worthwhile.

Nikki: Do you actually live in that large white house? Please tell me you don't have close neighbors. But seriously when you are out and about with your creations how do you ensure privacy?

Jeff: Yes I do. My home is my workshop and playhouse. In the last house my neighbours were only about 100 feet away, but there was a huge wall of brambles, blackberry bushes and trees that acted as a privacy wall.

In my current home I have 8 acres of land and the nearest neighbour is a long way away. I ensure privacy be planting trees and bushes in any positions that could become likely problem spots. I also signpost the place with "no trespassing" and private notices. Anyone who witnessed anything would be unlawfully on my property and thus unable to complain if they saw something that upset them.

Nikki: When you aren't creating inventions and rigging models, what else keeps you busy? Do you have any hobbies?

Jeff: Women, and my inventions are my hobby, my work, and my life now. I spent a lifetime working in industry, often working minor engineering miracles, often for ungrateful people, but now I get to reap the rewards of all that experience and use it for what I always dreamed about doing one day. So when I am not actually working on projects or fooling around with the ladies who challenge my equipment, I am doing something on the upkeep of the website.

Nikki: If you were granted unlimited time and funds what would your ultimate shoot consist of?

Jeff: I think I have already achieved that goal. It all started with the desire to mount ladies on trucks and moving things and fool around with them whilst they were so totally helpless. Hood Ornaments and trailers rapidly morphed into other ideas when the ladies that tried these crazy stunts demanded more complexity, more speed, more of everything.

So now, I have just finished shooting a movie using a real NASCAR racetrack and many fabulously beautiful ladies. We were racing them on racing fucking machines and their goal is to complete the race whilst trying to control a car and an orgasm at the same time. The results of that struggle can be interesting to say the least. One has to imagine that each girl is being fucked 2700 times per circuit of the track whilst bound and clamped to the machine and she has no choice but to fuck herself if she drives the car forward, as the motion of the car generates the drive for the dildo. They did many laps and of course had many pits stops for lubing. After watching them do all this, one has to wonder about the so-called male sexual supremacy. Like-Dudes, you are not even at first base.

The movie, when complete will be called "ASSCAR 2006 - Kinkonapolis" It also includes flash back footage to a scene at the previous races at "Babetona" where Gord's futuristic 'Silver Dream Machine' racer is involved in a hilarious and spectacular crash scene.

However, having said and done all that, I am sure another 'ultimate shoot' idea will pop up to. The women I know just inspire me with their urge to attempt even greater feats of sexual extravagance. In fact my current girl friend calls herself 'Stunt Cunt' :-) She was the lady who got to race the stunt racer-fucking machine that fell to pieces during the race pulled smoking wheelies etc. etc.

Nikki: You have many fans, and there are many newbies to this scene, what advice can you give to someone just starting their journey into bondage and forniphilia?

Jeff: Go slowly, be careful, and start at levels well within your capabilities and knowledge base. Bondage is as dangerous as Skiing or Skydiving, so never take risks or cheapskate with equipment. Always be consensual. Make sure the submissive partner has a lot of fun and you will ensure that they always come back to play again.

Nikki: What can we expect in the future from House of Gord?

Jeff: I have no idea. When I know everyone else will get to know. I have no idea what rush of shit to the brain will next occur when I awake in the mornings.

For more Pictures of Jeff's work check out the House of Gord Photo Album!

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Posted: October 25, 2007 5:22 pm

I love what House of Gord has produced, we have a clip from a UK interview with them on PornoTube in fact, I look forward to what else we can see on Social Kink from such a master craftsman!!

Quips and Chains Fetish Blog
Posted: October 30, 2007 2:54 pm

I too admire the House of Gord. This stuff is the real deal. What a world he has crafted, so innovative, and imaginative.

Owner & Pet
Posted: November 13, 2007 9:22 am

Fantatic interview. Gord is an inspiration to me. His works never fail to amaze!

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