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Welcome to Wanderland

Our hearts go out to Col. Ilan Ramon's and the rest of the Columbia STS-107 crew's families, February 2003.

To our great sorrow, our friend was killed in a suicide attack in Jerusalem, June 2002. May God avenge her blood!

Mazel-tov! Marilyn Margolin had baby girl at 4:24 on Sunday, July 1, 2001. Baby and mother are fine. Baby weighs 6lb. 14 oz. The baby's name is Samantha Paige (Basya Rivka).

Our deepest condolences to the family on the passing of Ramon Wander, z"l

Alma and David introduce Talyah Shahhaf Ben-Yaakov, born on Sunday, 8th Nissan 5761.

More pictures of the new baby

Click here to see samples of my work

Josh Wander, Prague-Aushwitz, December 2000

Josh Wander, Ramallah, November 2000

New picture of Cheryl and her kids

To view a photo album of the recent terror: Click here...

In memory of the victims of Palestinian violence and terrorism: Click here...

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Who remembers this...???

I am trying to update the site weekly, please don't forget to write feedback and comments in my guestbook below...

[Preface- At present I have over a thousand family names in my database. I plan on compiling all the information and putting it in book form.  If anyone looking at this site has any additional information, or can help in any way,  please send e-mail to: jerusalempost@hotmail.com] 

The Wander family is a large and illustrious family. It's origins stem from a small towns in Galitzia (To view a map click here). It later moved to the USA... Mckeesport, Pa. For some that name may not mean anything, but for others it is the center of the universe! Let me take you on a guided tour of the Wander family... 

Let us start with the first known Wander in America. His name was Nachmen Wander. He came to the US in 1906 and become a US citizen in 1916. Click here to see his immigration papers. Little is known about him other than he created a nice business from nothing, brought over the rest of the family from Europe, was married to Shandel (Sussie) and had ten children. (One which is still living in Miami, Fl. Helen,1904-) 

He brought over my great-grandfather and great-grandmother, Oscar (pronounced oo-sher),1882-1941 and Esther Etel Gold,1880-1964. She had four children, Jacob,1912-1968, David,1916-, and Max,1919-1969. She also had a daughter that died as a baby (I believe in Europe). Jacob (known as "Jackson" to his loved ones) was the father of my father, Philip,1940-. He had six siblings (known as the seven Wanders of the world).  Their mother was Helen Zwibel,1910-1979.  I am Joshua,1970-, and my children are Nathaniel,1998-, Hanna Rose, 1999-, and Ethan Benjamin, 2001-. That's the short story... 

Now, I'd like to show you my photo album. If anyone has any old photos that they could send me (either digitally of otherwise, I will be happy to publish them). Click here to see an index of photos.

Click here to view my mother's family tree (Thanks to Ricki Zunk & David Kendall)

To see a photo of my wife's Yemenite grandfather click here...
To see a photo of my wife's Yemenite great grandfather click here...
To see a photo of my wife's Moroccan grandparents click here...


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