I Want a Refund

This weekend I’m off to a bridal shower for LDIL and HS. Wanting to look my best, my hair is freshly colored.

Except for the roots that frame my face. Some of those got missed somehow, so I’m going to have to have a word with my hairdresser.

Yup, I’m going to go stand in the front of the mirror and give myself a good tongue lashing.

Remember Spring?

When I was a girl, we had spring. Weather in the 60s or low 70s (OK, it was upstate NY, so maybe I’m remembering summer.)

Here we always seem to jump from the 50s to the 80s. And apparently this is the week it happens this year. You’re running your heat at the beginning of the week, and resisting the temptation to turn on the AC by the end of it.

Earth Mama

My coworkers may think I’m a little fanatical at times.  Although we have been recycling more and more there, I am still known to pull stuff out of the trash and say, “I’ll just take this home and recycle it.”

Today it was dozens of small paperboard boxes that were no longer needed.

So when I realized that I’d almost missed Earth Day (the special logo on Google reminded me), I figured I had done at least something small for the planet today.

Thunder and Rain

The Thunder was on Saturday, when Mr. B, BD, a friend to keep BD entertained, and I attended Thunder Over Louisville, along with 700,000 other people. The fireworks are mighty cool (it’s the largest annual fireworks display in the country), but the large crowd keeps me away most years.

This year we had tickets to the Bats baseball game that day. Since the stadium is right downtown in the midst of the festivities, they make the most of the event with a post-game concert and staying open till the fireworks end. This is a Very Big Deal, as it means you can avoid the infamous “Thunder Pots” and use the real restrooms at the ballpark.

That alone is worth the price of admission.

The rain from the title is today. A gray and gloomy day, perfect for getting caught up on my work.

Or surfing the Net and blogging.

What Has I Got in My Pocketses?

I got a cool new cell phone for my birthday this week.  Last time I upgraded I pretended to be a Luddite and refused to get a phone with so much as a camera included.

The new one has a camera.  And a full keyboard.  And a touchscreen.  And Bluetooth.

Even though Kentucky doesn’t have a hands-free driving law (yet), I have been using the Bluetooth headpiece when I drive.  In fact, I used it to call HS while I was gassing up the car this afternoon.

When I got home, I turned off the headset, picked up all the miscellaneous stuff I had accumulated in the car today, and headed inside.  I heard the phone in my pocket beep and realized I had inadvertently turned the headset back on while carrying it with everything else.  So I turned it off again.

A minute or two later, I heard something in my pocket.

Scratch that.  I heard someone in my pocket, calling out out “Hello!  Hello!”

It was HS, answering the call I didn’t know I’d made.

Must Be Monday

I have a to do list as long as my arm today, which culminates with taking poor BD to the periodontist for a gum graft.

Guess I’d rather have my to do list than hers!

Thought for the Day

She who waits till Good Friday to buy her Easter candy and treats will have a very limited selection, and she’ll have to fight off the crowds to get to whatever remnants are left on the shelves.

Ladies’ Night

My men’s NCAA bracket tanked in the Sweet 16 after my best start ever.

I didn’t do a bracket for the women’s tournament.

Nevertheless, I have been rooting hard all along for the Lady Cardinals (is this “Lady” business a Southern thing?  I don’t remember hearing it much till I moved here).

We actually have several connections to the team.  In the interest of anonymity, I can’t tell you what they are, except that every single one of them is at least second hand.  We’ve never met anyone actually involved with the team.  Still, it makes it even more fun to watch the team play.

Knowing that The Team That Shall Not Be Named (and which should be playing in the WNBA instead of the NCAA) has already clobbered the Cards twice this season, I am not betting the ranch that U of L will come out on top tonight.

But you know, stranger things have happened!

Welcome Back

I’m obviously not blogging enough, because my blog has apparently been down for several days and I wasn’t even aware of it till a friend pointed it out to me.

I’m at one of those periodic crossroads most bloggers seem to experience. Is it time to get my act and gear and blog more regularly or time to give up the whole thing?

Chances are I’ll just keep on as I am, posting occasionally as the spirit moves me.

Let’s hope those posts aren’t all as mundane as this one.

Pardon the Interruption

A note from your friendly system administrator …

A routine system upgrade broke the Bluegrass Mama Blog for a few days.  We think things are okay now.  Please report any problems to ahd@kew.com (that’s me, the aforementioned friendly system admin).