Unplugged: Freida Pinto

25 Apr 2009, 0000 hrs IST
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Why does Freida Pinto collect boarding passes? Spicy tid-bits from the life of the Slumdog actor, now a Hollywood star...

- The actor is quite a butterfly in terms of hobbies and tries to find new ones to re-invent herself. At the moment, she’s interested in imitating people with different accents!

- Freida is a foodie too. She loves experimenting with food. Spaghetti arabiatta and frutti di mari are her favourite.

- Freida has trained in different forms of Indian classical dance as well as Salsa.

- Freida collects shoes and boarding passes! She is most possessive about her family, shoes, bags, her skin and her hair.

- Freida’s always been a fighter! She’s afraid of losing her confidence and killer instincts.

- Travelling with friends is always an ‘adventure’ for her. She’d pick an obscure place to holiday in, but she loves city life too!

- Her ancestral home is called ‘Pinto Wade’ at Neerude, near Mangalore. Her father, Frederick Pinto, visited it often with his daughters, Sharon, now a producer in a TV channel, and Freida, during vacations.

- Freida studied at Carmel of St Joseph School in Malad, Mumbai, and completed her BA in English Literature from St Xavier’s College, Mumbai. She resides in Orlem, Malad, Mumbai. She considers Barry John, from whom she learned acting, her mentor.

- She is close to all three members of her family, but she’s always been ‘daddy’s little girl’. Her mom’s her ‘strength’ and her sister her ‘best friend’.

- As a child, she would lie that she has a baby brother whom her mother hid from the world. She always wanted one.

- She loves the local trains and the autorickshaws. During monsoons, she loves the rains on Marine Drive. She has bunked college and gone for movies at Regal or Metro.

- Her childhood dream was to be an entertainer. She’s gone from host at kiddies’ parties to compere at corporate events to presenter for an international travel show to actor.

- Besides acting, she would love to design shoes, write a great script and help her mother start a school for street children.

- Her favourite stars are Aamir Khan, Madhuri Dixit, Irrfan Khan, Rajat Kapoor, Jack Nicholson, Marlyn Monroe, Nicole Kidman, and Johnny Depp.

- Right now she’s blinded by work, but believes romance keeps one youthful and a good blend with work can enhance one’s life.

- When Slumdog Millionaire was being shot at CST, her scene required her to run, shouting for help. During a break, people at the station would imitate her and scream for help.

- She met Rohan Antao while attending St Xavier’s College in Mumbai. The two began dating and got engaged in 2008, but Freida called off the engagement in January 2009.

- She loves Bally and Sergio Rossi for shoes, because they are comfortable. She loves Coco Chanel and Dior Cherie and Estee Lauder perfumes as well. Her favourite bags are Lady Dior and Chanel’s Bandana bag.

Compiled by Norbert Rego. (UNPLUGGED is a fortnightly column giving you the 3600 on the secret lives of celebs).
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