Tencent, More Than QQ Instant Messaging In China

In December The China Observer looked at one Ma’s online empire (Jack Ma’s Alibaba e-commerce empire), but there is another entrepreneurial Ma who everyone should know: Pony Ma. Pony Ma is founder and CEO of Tencent, the Hong Kong listed Internet service provider. Tencent’s diverse business portfolio ranges from instant messaging to social networks, portal websites, e-commerce and games. Tencent’s QQ instant messenger is the market leader in China, and Tencent even released an English version of QQ last week at IMQQ.com, see here, here, here and here. Since Tencent is made up of so much more than just instant messaging, I reviewed the Tencent website to bring you an introduction to some of the company’s popular product offerings.

From the Tencent website:



In February 1999, Tencent launched Tencent QQ, an Internet-based instant messaging (IM) tool to support online message communications and instant voice, video and file transmission. By integrating multiple mobile communication methods, QQ enables users to send messages to mobile phone users through the platform.



QQ.COM is China’s largest portal in Chinese integrating news, interactive communities, entertainment products and widely-used basic services.



SOSO.COM is a search engine website and a major business unit of Tencent. The website was officially launched and put into service in March, 2006. SOSO.COM currently offers 16 core products including website search, general search, music search, BBS search and Interactive Forum.



Tencent’s mobile phone website 3G.QQ.COM is a free WAP site that can be visited by users at any time. The website offers users QQ chat, as well as access to real-time news and information. For mobile phones, 3G.QQ.COM offers practical tools such as hard disc, album, weather inquiry and search engine.


QQ Game

With the largest platform of its kind in the world, QQ Game is China’s leading casual game operator. Making its first release in 2003, this platform now offers over 50 different mini games.


QQ Music

QQ Music Player is a player independently developed by Tencent that supports both online and offline music, as well as a leading platform of legal online digital music in China.



PAIPAI.COM is Tencent’s online trading platform which went into service on September 12, 2005 and was publicly launched on March 13, 2006. PAIPAI.COM provides Internet users with fast and convenient online trading services including e-tailing and user to user buying and selling of goods.


This is only a portion of the Tencent product and services portfolio. For the full listing visit the Tencent English homepage here.

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how can I chat with people in the US who use QQ2003 and I use Tecent QQ2009?

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