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  1. Maharashtra NavNirman Sena is committed to raising the status of Maharashtra State, its people and the Marathi language to resplendent glory.

  2. Maharashtra NavNirman Sena is concerned about the State of Maharashtra and its cultural and material prosperity. It is committed to the development of the Marathi language and expanding its knowledge base. It will work to spread the knowledge about Maharashtra and expand its cultural boundaries.

  3. Maharashtra NavNirman Sena will bring the people of Maharashtra together, irrespective of caste, religion, sect or class, under its flag, for the development of Maharashtra.

  4. The interest of the Marathi Manus is of prime importance to Maharashtra NavNirman Sena. We believe the Marathi Manus to be the person living in the State and born to Marathi parents, or one, though of a different linguistic origin, born in Maharashtra, who speaks Marathi and loves Maharashtra.

  5. Maharashtra NavNirman Sena will strive to remove all impediments, resolve all problems that obstruct the development of Maharashtra State and the Marathi Manus and will engage at all levels with those power centres, sects or social groups having vested interests who come in the way of this development. It will work in a constructive way for this purpose, at the same time, it will not shy away from conflict wherever necessary. Maharashtra NavNirman Sena makes no distinction between constructive and conflicting ways and believes that that both go hand in hand.

  6. To give justice to the Marathi Manus, Maharashtra NavNirman Sena will do everything from establishing a Marathi Language Academy, fighting with the anti-Marathi lobby, making Marathi a compulsory subject in all schools, insisting for Marathi name-boards on shops and establishments to broadening the knowledge base in Marathi. These activities, constructive as well as street-level campaigning will be pursued at the same time.

  7. Maharashtra NavNirman Sena will strive to put the Marathi Manus on the forefront of every field, be it roads, railways, electricity, water, health, education, sports, women, labour, tribal development, home, law and order, agriculture, tourism, finance, trade, business, cooperative sector or Centre-State relations.

  8. Maharashtra NavNirman Sena will fight to its last breath to eliminate the interference of the Non-Marathi power-mongers from outside the State in the State’s politics and social life thereby reinforcing the existence of Maharashtra for the Marathi Manus.

  9. Maharashtra NavNirman Sena will take the Maharashtra State and the Marathi Manus to the apex of cultural and material glory that the whole world will envy. This is the dream of Maharashtra NavNirman Sena, and the party will leave no stone unturned to make this dream a reality.




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